You will need
  • - ammonia,
  • - Terry towels,
  • - Bay leaf,
  • - vinegar,
  • soda,
  • coffee.
To eliminate the smell of tobacco in the apartment, large wet towels and hang on doors in all rooms. Towels will quickly absorb unpleasant tobacco smell. Curtains and cushion sofas need cleaning. Floors wash with warm water in which to add ammonia. This will help to eliminate the unpleasant smell of tobacco in the apartment.
There is another pretty effective method. Take the usual Bay leaf, put it into a clean ashtray and light up. The smoke from the Laurel leaf is perfectly interrupted by the smell of tobacco. Go with the glow sheet in all the rooms and acurite them. From the smelland tobacco will not be over with a simple Laurel leaf.
If you decide to wash clothes impregnated with tobacco, pour into a bowl of water, add detergent and a Cup of vinegar. Put in a bowl of clothes and leave it for a while. After that, things carefully wash and rinse with the addition of rinse aid.
There are several ways to get rid of tobacco smellin car. When cleaning the seat, spray baking soda on the surface and leave for a few hours. Then collect the baking soda from the seats to the car cleaner. More often to spend damp cleaning inside the car, as cigarette smoke is deposited not only on the seats but also on plastics and glass. Fill the interior of the car is perforated bags of coffee beans.