Really want to smoke, and not possible – all at home. Sound familiar? But there are many ways to smoke discreetly.

At night all cats are grey

The safest way to enjoy the habit at night when everyone is asleep. A Cup of aromatic coffee, slowly so as not to Wake him, carry him to his room. Listen – all right. Then silently open the window and leaning out halfway, close behind curtains and smoke.

Don't forget to ventilate the room – the smell can stay until morning. Spray your favorite perfume and once again air will remain subtle trail of perfume.

If someone smokes

If someone smokes except you, then this simplifies matters. You can only take in that smoke-filled room – no one will notice that you smoked. Be careful that you are not caught at the crime scene. Do not forget about evidence: do not leave the ashes, throw the bulls, hide the lighters.

In the bathroom

A good way safely to smoke – to go to the bathroom ostensibly to bathe and smoke there, in the chimney hole. It is necessary to ensure that the street is no wind, otherwise, the cigarette smoke will remain in the room. Here you don't even need air freshener, unless of course, exhaust the apartment well.

Smoking in the bathroom or the toilet is problematic, because hoods are high enough. Therefore, you will need to prepare in advance chairs, to get to the hole.

If the chimney is located directly above the bathroom, you have to put the chairs there. The bottom of the bath slippery, lay under the legs of the chair with a wet cloth to give it stability.

Under the pretext of

If you don't want to smoke, every second exposed to the risk, it is best to get out of the house. And quieter and smell less, and the opportunity to indulge in a bad habit with friends.

In the evening you can go outside with the trash, with the excuse to take a walk before bedtime. Just do not abuse this method, otherwise may arouse suspicion.

Smoking – health harm

And best of all quit Smoking. Getting rid of this bad habit, you will receive in return, fresh breath, clean fingers, freedom, and improve their health.

Quitting Smoking is quite difficult. But consider this: your youth and beauty depend on how you are strong in spirit. Try to do it, find a replacement bad habit.