Wash curtains, curtains, towels, rugs, furniture covers, fabric tablecloths, napkins. Fabric perfectly absorbs the smell of cigarettes and can store it for a long time. When washing you can use a special conditioner that gives things a nice flavor and will quickly destroy the smell of cigarettes.
Carpets and upholstered furniture clean by using a detergent cleaner and a soft means for the care of such things. You can also use a rag or sponge, thoroughly rinse the surface. There are special shampoos for carpets and furniture, allowing to cope with the smell of cigarettes and give the products a pleasant fragrance. Note: after cleaning you need to quickly dry things, otherwise your house will not smell of cigarette smoke, and mold.
Give dry pillows and other things that are difficult to clean properly in the home. This also applies to some clothing items such as coats and sheepskin coats. If you do not, in the closet with clothes or the bed will remain persistent cigarette smell.
Wash surfaces using tools that help remove unpleasant odors. Clean the tables, window sills, Windows, wash floors. If the walls are covered with a material that tolerates wet cleaning, clean him, too. The most difficult will be the case with paper Wallpaper: they are good for removing the smell of cigarettes, but at the same time to wash them, usually impossible. If you are dealing with such a wall covering, there are two solutions to the problem: either glue Wallpaper or thoroughly ventilate the apartment before until the odors disappear. In the second case, all other surfaces will still have to clean.
If the apartment was a smoker, but recently, use the classic way of dealing with unpleasant "smoky" smell, wet towels and sheets, gently squeeze and then hang in the rooms. Wet fabric absorbs the smells, so the apartment after the treatment and ventilation will be much easier to breathe. When towels and sheets are dry, they should be thoroughly washed.
Buy flavoring. This device uses a fan to evenly distribute pleasant odor in the room. Choose special products for flavor, designed to combat the smell of cigarettes. They will quickly kill him.