The first Supplement for the enrichment of the daily diet of athletes was developed by American scientist Carl Renborg in 1934. It was a mixture containing a complex of vitamins and elements. As the basis was taken by botanicals grown in rich soils with lots of minerals in the composition. Currently sports nutrition is a whole separate niche products, a wide variety of manufacturers, and purpose additives.

The type and composition selected depending on kind of sport, which deals with people, intensity, frequency of training and the desired result. There are different types of power – gainers, proteins, creatines and much more. Sports nutrition and their purpose Gainers aimed at gaining muscle mass and is designed for people who do not possess such by nature, and can dial using just exercise and diet. This composition represents a balanced protein-carbohydrate mixture. The richness of the carbohydrates allows the body to build muscle, recovering faster and saturated at the same amino acids, the effect of this power has a lasting effect. The use of gainers is also recommended for people engaged in active aerobic load, or those who need to gain weight, and some fat won't hurt them. It is not recommended to use this kind of power to people with the purpose of burning fat, those who are planning to stick to existing muscle mass, and athletes, are potentially prone to be overweight. The mixture was diluted with water or milk low fat and taken an hour before workout and between meals. The results shows the application of the competition in practice – 2-3 pounds of muscle per month.

The next type is the creatine that is also a protein blend, but having other goals. This composition increases overall stamina and the ability to heavy loads. Designed for people who prefer a heavy but short loads – cruising at speed, running at a short distance, powerlifting, bodybuilding. This prevents too rapid formation of lactic acid. Also recommended for active older people, due to the decrease of the protein content in the body with age and for vegetarians not getting enough protein compounds with the daily diet. With active exercises, the creatine allows you to quickly burn fat mass, transforming it into lean muscle. Creatine – sports nutrition, side effects which can occur only when used by people with renal insufficiency, asthma or diabetes. Also, the drug promotes some water retention in the body because of its particular protein composition. Creatine is consumed one to three servings per day, diluted in water. There is such a variety of food like proteins, which are composed almost entirely absent fats and carbohydrates, but increased the protein content. This composition is applied to the active recruitment of muscle mass, no fat. Taken 2-3 times per day, on training day – 1 hour before and 30 minutes after school. There are only two cases where the protein can be a real hazard to the health of the body – people suffering from renal insufficiency or intolerance to the protein ingredients. Since protein blend made from organic purified protein, the age limit for their application just does not exist. Also absolutely unjustified assertion that the use of such mixtures harm the kidneys and liver, of course, if irregularities in their work was not caused by any other reasons. Another interesting kind of special power is sport chocolate. This protein bar is quite able to replace one full meal during the day. A variety of compositions and ratio of proteins, fats, carbohydrates, sugars and sugar substitutes allow you to choose from that range something every sportsman. This is sports nutrition, contraindications to the use of which, simply no, it can be applied in any training, it only remains to choose the right composition, and, of course, not to neglect proper nutrition. There is also such a category as isotonic drinks. This kind of sports compounds represented even in regular supermarkets, but, of course, this variety has no special effect. Professional isotonic drink rapidly restores the fluid balance of the body, gives energy during the workout and allows the body to recover faster after it is completed. The composition contains salts, glucose polymers, aromatic and flavoring substances. This kind of supplements are presented as a ready-made, in the form of concentrates and powders.

We should also highlight products that are designed to complete the consolidation are various immunomodulators, compounds that strengthen the liver, normalize digestion, improves sleep, brain activity, male power and much more. The range of such products is constantly expanding, sports nutrition, try to cover all existing spheres of activity of the organism – from the smallest to life-supporting. Certainly need to acknowledge the existence of compositions intended to strengthen and prevent injury to joints, muscles, ligaments. The composition of these additives include a large number of well-balanced trace elements that are very important for serious athletes and people, carefully watching their appearance and health. Thus, it becomes clear that today's manufacturers of sports nutrition tried to cover all the problems arising how to beginner athletes, and the sharks all sorts of heavy loads. Contraindications that you can often hear from the uninitiated, are completely unnecessary, as proven by professionals on their own experience. It remains only to choose the right type of food under the expected result and just stick to the rules of use described on the packaging and official websites of manufacturers.