Enjoy viewing the history of messages in a mail agent using the context menu of the desired contact. Select "message Archive". If the history was deleted all data, you can recover with the help of mailbox. Please note that this feature has appeared recently in the list of services, because the complete history, starting with the beginning of the conversation with the contact, may not be available.
Open your Inbox, you sign in to the mail agent. In the list of received mail, find the letter, the themes which indicate the marked mail agent. Please note that in some versions of the program must be enabled to send messages to Inbox. This is done on the program settings tab in the notification for incoming messages.
Review the entries on the computer, many clients for the exchange message store information with the history of messages on the hard disk, mail agent here is no exception. To view, activate show hidden files and folders on your computer (control Panel-folder options-View-Show hidden folders and files). Go to the location keep logs of the program and open it using Notepad.
Next time make a backup copy of such data in a separate text file. Sometimes the document is deleted when you clear the history of messages, but for some versions it remains in its original form. Directory of finding such a file – based Application Data in the user folder of the operating system on the local disk. When you open it, you may need to open and MRA and Roaming, but may depend on user settings and version of the program. The visibility of the folders must be configured, otherwise the directory and contents are not available for viewing.