Go to the website To do this, launch your Internet browser and type in the address bar without the quotes You'll see the main page of the site.
On the left side of the page that appears, you'll block Mail. Here you usually enter your authorization information: username and password. Opposite the column password, find the link "Forgot?", click it. You will be taken to the password recovery page.
If you remember your login but cannot remember your password, enter your username on the first page, and then click Next. On the next page, the system will try to recover password it to your mailbox, asking you a security question that you provided in the registration process email. Answer it correctly and you will get a new password.
If for any reason to recover a password using the secret question box is not available, use another option – fill in an application form support. To do this, click on the appropriate link below the password recovery page.
This form is necessary to fill the maximum space. Enter as much information as possible about yourself, this will allow you to regain access to your account in the shortest possible time. The meaning of this form is the following: if you entered data will match what you specified during registration of the mailbox you specified in the end of the form address will be sent an email with a link for password recovery. The link works for three days. Attention, do not repeat the request until the expiration of this period. The repetition of queries the system will display the new password in response to each of them and you simply will not be able to figure out which of the received password is correct.
When access to a mailbox is restored, launch Agent and in the authorization window enter your login and new password to your Inbox.