Advice 1: What if the seller is rude

Despite the fact that the Soviet times are long gone, louts among trade workers are still Dating. On the one hand, they can understand – work with people is always considered difficult from a psychological point of view. On the other hand, that is no reason to take it out on customers. Such people always need to put in place.
What if the seller is rude
Many buyers in response to rudeness sellers to remind them that in our country a long time there is market competition. And the first rule of business says "the customer is always right!". Those who are able to work culturally, long standing in the market. It is thus possible to politely put the CAD in place, not sinking to his level and insulting him in response.

One of the most effective methods of dealing with boors behind the counter – complaint management commercial enterprise. Do not think that it is a useless measure. Any written complaint is a document in which the supervisor not only needs to give an objective answer, but also to take appropriate action against the offending seller.

The complaint can be written in the book of complaints and suggestions or to send by mail, are accepted and oral presentation. The book of complaints and suggestions should always be in the trade hall. Sellers are not only required to give it to the buyer on demand, but also to provide all conditions for the preparation of appeals to issue a written, highlight a table and chair). The complaint can be written at home, in a relaxed atmosphere to explain the essence of the complaint and send it by email or transfer the management of the store personally. Oral complaint – the easiest method to Express righteous indignation of the administration, but it is not a document, so it can leave without serious consequences for the seller.

The text of the complaint should accurately describe the situation and circumstances of the accident. Find out, remember and write down the name and surname of the insulted seller. Also ask the name and phone Director. In conclusion, ask the Manager to take action to offending employee. The head will decide what method of action to take: to conduct educational work, to reprimand or to deprive of the award.

As a rule, only one threat of writing a complaint unfailingly acts in the most boors. They immediately begin to politely apologize and try to smooth over the situation. Rudeness instantly disappear on the face of the seller appears friendly-guilty expression.

If the seller is rude during the exchange or return a purchased item, this is a reason to contact CPS. A complaint to this service in writing you can write and send mail, but it is much more convenient and faster to do it over the Internet via the feedback form available on the official website of Rospotrebnadzor. Within the prescribed period to the shop will be taken not only rudeness, but also for violations of the Law on protection of consumers ' rights and for trade in substandard goods.

Communicating with the vendors remember that they are people too and don't like it when they are humiliated. Be polite and friendly buyer, and the sellers will reciprocate.

Advice 2: How to respond if you are rude

The rudeness of others found at every step. Frustration, anger, self-doubt can make some people rude, raise your voice, attack verbally. It is important not to bring the conflict to the scandal, while defending their point of view.
How to respond if you are rude
Very often encountered rudeness in the service sector. Sellers in stores, cashiers, managers, administrators do not like claims, often just, to your address. If your question or request someone began to be rude in response, just ask to call the Manager or Director. Usually this is enough to temper the zeal of the opponent. If the source does not calm down, write a claim. For a start, in the book of complaints, which must be in every institution that serves the citizens. You are required to write a response and indicate what action was taken against the offender. If this happens call or write to the CPS. It is their task - to deal with unfair services.
If rude head, you will have to put him in his place. Safely say that in that tone to speak you do not intend to. Recall that both of you are in the service, where expressing emotions is just not professional. If it didn't work, and to tolerate rudeness you will have to change their place of work. Meet the leaders that dealing with subordinates is the norm. And change his character is not in your power, it is easier to find a new CEO.
The most difficult thing when Hamish loved ones. Mostly it affects teenagers. Puberty and the hormonal explosion is often extremely negative impact on the character. In response to the swearing is not necessary to raise your voice. Calmly ask them to sit down and talk. Find kind words to the child opened up and trusted you. Ask what happened and what he is not happy. After ascertaining the cause of irritation, it is easier to find a way out of the conflict. But in any case do not force the teenager. It may close and cease to put you in my life. Then find the path to reconciliation would be virtually impossible.
Not to get involved in the conflict, react to rudeness outside the box. For example, sexmates. It will bring the opponent into a stupor, and you happily go on your way.
Useful advice
Before you answer boor, count up to ten. During this time, the head will need arguments, and the emotions subside a little.

Advice 3: What to do if you are humiliated at work

In the workplace can meet different people, after all, the team cannot select the same as a job. Sometimes young and even experienced workers have to endure humiliation from his superiors.
What to do if you are humiliated at work
The causes of humiliation at work can be different: hostility to a new employee, the dissimilarity of characters, misunderstanding of human motives, conflicts officer or employee. In any case, the humiliation is quite common, very unpleasant and painful for any employee who has undergone this kind of treatment. When a person has to work in such a stressful situation, constantly afraid to do something wrong, get another reprimand, he lost the motivation, lost faith in itself, and all desire to work. And after head already and some subordinates may begin to behave with an employee in exactly the same way. Of course, in such conditions it is very difficult for a long time to stay on the job.

What to do in this situation?

An employee who has been abused, you first need to admit it. Many do not want to ignore the humiliation, I think that such behavior of the head is normal if the chief says something hurtful, then the employee deserves it. However, in most cases it is not, no nitpicking Manager can not be expressed in the form of humiliation. No need to justify such actions, to lose self-control, lower self-esteem, if you are strongly confident that doing their job well. Identify the main instigators of humiliation and those who support them, it usually can be two or three, rarely a greater number of employees. It should also be noted, who sympathizes with you, or at least kept neutral. That people can get further help. Now it is necessary to try to resolve the conflict or misunderstanding.

The resolution of the conflict from the side of the head

To start is to speak with your supervisor, be honest. Maybe he does not even understand that demeans employees. Tell us about your own fears and anxieties, try to smooth his attitude, see what you done to him, what are you doing wrong, why he treats you so harshly? Also, try to contact him for advice or help, it may flatter him and he will change you.

The second method is to assemble his team of supporters or neutral people who do not take part in your humiliation. Talk to him, try to get close to dine together, discuss interesting topics, ask for help or offer it themselves. Well, if you can establish contact not only with people from your Department, but neighboring, and will also know their superiors. Maybe one of them will want to transfer you to your Department, then the humiliation will stop. But even if this will not happen with the support of other people, you can try to make a small coup. Contact your superiors and try to explain the whole situation with humiliation. Tell us all calm and be objective, ask to settle the conflict. Usually after a conversation with a higher authority your immediate supervisor may moderate your anger.

If that does not work, set a goal, for example, to work for six months or a year, to gain experience, and then quit. This is certainly good motivation, but doing so is only in extreme cases: when you need the money, like the work itself or is it a very prestigious place, the analogue which is not so easy to find. If this causes you not - feel free to go with this post. It is not necessary for her to stay, if you want to spend so much nerves.

Advice 4: As the seller to deal with rudeness buyers

It is difficult to find a person who never had complained about abuse by the seller. But no less common, and the opposite situation, when sellers suffer from the misbehavior of customers.
The seller and the buyer
In the classification of occupations the job of a salesperson is of type "man-Man". The main difficulty of such activities lies in the unpredictability of human behavior. To the sellers it is in the first place, because if the teacher at least knows what to expect from a particular disciple, the seller was constantly communicating with strangers. And if the buyer can find justice for the ill-mannered seller, the seller when faced with a buyer-ham almost powerless. He is bound hand and foot by the rule "the customer is always right" and risk losing my job.

Random rudeness

Not all buyers that offend the sellers, this behavior is habitual. It could be a random failure caused by poor health, a nervous breakdown (for example, neurasthenia or depression). The reason may be fatigue, especially if the person came into the store after work but still stood in line.

The correct tactic in this case is to respond with politeness to rudeness. Accidentally broken the man will be ashamed of their behavior. Maybe he'll even apologize to the seller, and if not apologize, at least, the conflict will be settled.

Habitual rudeness

If the tactics described above do not bear fruit, then the seller is faced with a "professional" brawler. In the people such people are called "energy" or "psychological vampires", they increase their self-esteem by humiliating others. Especially often this sin retired, once occupied positions of leadership.

The main goal of this CAD – to see yourself as a victim, evoking a retaliatory rudeness. To succumb to such provocation is impossible. It will be harder than in the first case. The best that can be done by the seller, is to listen in silence such a person, occasionally inserting meaningless phrases: "You're absolutely right", "strongly agree".

If during the conversation there are other buyers, you can remind the kicker is that these people are waiting for their turn. Such attention will attract the witnesses on the side of the victim, some people can even stand up for the seller in this situation.

If the "indictment" of the buyer delayed, it is possible to offer him a civilized resolution of the conflict, for example, to call the head. It is better to call instead of going to his office – even the conversation with the head held in front of witnesses. Certainly there are people who will say: "This lady is herself a scandal".

The seeming rudeness

Any seller from time to time meets with rude buyers. But if he is sure that he is absolutely rude to all customers, it might not be in clients and in perception. It so happens that even a polite expression of dissatisfaction by the client is perceived by the seller as an insult.

If such a negative attitude in the attitude of buyers accompanied by headaches, sleep disturbances, constant fatigue, there is reason to suspect a syndrome of emotional burnout. With this disorder often face those who work with people. In this case, it is useful to consult a psychologist or psychotherapist.

Advice 5: What to do if you blocked the page Vkontakte

One day, try to go to your page "Vkontakte", you see "page blocked for spamming". From that point, the majority of users starts to panic. You did not send the spam, no swearing on the page of Pavel Durov, no one was rude, but the page is locked and the angry letters in support were not successful. Only one way out – to try to recover your page in the way suggested by the site "Vkontakte".
What to do if you blocked the page Vkontakte
Below the label "page is blocked" should indicate the reason for blocking. Investigate why. As a rule, it is that your account has been compromised. To confirm your identity, the first thing you need to do is enter the phone number to which was attached page. The first digit entered automatically, in case you don't remember what number was specified during registration. Enter the number and continue the recovery.

Within a few minutes, your phone should receive an SMS with the code. When you receive enter it in the designated field. If access to simcare, use the recovery form, which will open as soon as you click on "click here". In the empty field enter the link to your locked page and click "next". This opens the questionnaire to restore access you need to fill.

Specify the old and new phone number, the mailbox specified during registration and a box to which you have access. Enter the country and city registration. In the column "your comment" specify the date and the cause of the loss of access to his page. Below, click "choose file" and upload a scan or photo of any of your document, it is important to see your photo and full name.

The last step is "your picture on the background of this page. Take a picture of yourself or ask someone to take a photo of you, upload your photo and click "send application", please enter captcha. On the new page enter the code which will be SMS to your phone, send it. Go to mail, you should receive a letter notifying you that your order is accepted and within 24 hours will be reviewed by the administrator.

Application status you can see by clicking on the link in the email. Wait for a response from the site. If the photos uploaded by you are of good quality, you honestly and correctly identified the information you required, most of all, your page very quickly restore.
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