Many buyers in response to rudeness sellers to remind them that in our country a long time there is market competition. And the first rule of business says "the customer is always right!". Those who are able to work culturally, long standing in the market. It is thus possible to politely put the CAD in place, not sinking to his level and insulting him in response.

One of the most effective methods of dealing with boors behind the counter – complaint management commercial enterprise. Do not think that it is a useless measure. Any written complaint is a document in which the supervisor not only needs to give an objective answer, but also to take appropriate action against the offending seller.

The complaint can be written in the book of complaints and suggestions or to send by mail, are accepted and oral presentation. The book of complaints and suggestions should always be in the trade hall. Sellers are not only required to give it to the buyer on demand, but also to provide all conditions for the preparation of appeals to issue a written, highlight a table and chair). The complaint can be written at home, in a relaxed atmosphere to explain the essence of the complaint and send it by email or transfer the management of the store personally. Oral complaint – the easiest method to Express righteous indignation of the administration, but it is not a document, so it can leave without serious consequences for the seller.

The text of the complaint should accurately describe the situation and circumstances of the accident. Find out, remember and write down the name and surname of the insulted seller. Also ask the name and phone Director. In conclusion, ask the Manager to take action to offending employee. The head will decide what method of action to take: to conduct educational work, to reprimand or to deprive of the award.

As a rule, only one threat of writing a complaint unfailingly acts in the most boors. They immediately begin to politely apologize and try to smooth over the situation. Rudeness instantly disappear on the face of the seller appears friendly-guilty expression.

If the seller is rude during the exchange or return a purchased item, this is a reason to contact CPS. A complaint to this service in writing you can write and send mail, but it is much more convenient and faster to do it over the Internet via the feedback form available on the official website of Rospotrebnadzor. Within the prescribed period to the shop will be taken not only rudeness, but also for violations of the Law on protection of consumers ' rights and for trade in substandard goods.

Communicating with the vendors remember that they are people too and don't like it when they are humiliated. Be polite and friendly buyer, and the sellers will reciprocate.