Most household rudeness affects women. Men think it is possible to tear them angry for their failures at work, disrespect of friends, but even for the defeat of their favorite team. Most often this behavior comes from childhood, the child saw dad talking with my mom, and adopted this manner. To deal with the rudeness of a spouse is difficult enough, but quite real.
The first thing that must be done by the woman whose husband allows himself to be rude - clearly put him in his place. To say firmly that you do not allow such attitude. What are you going to talk to her husband only if he is respectful to you. In any case it is not necessary to cry or scream nasty things in response. Homemade ham achieves an emotional reaction, he is waiting for her and got used to it. Break the patterns that lead an adult reasonable person. Show that you are above the fray. The only way to put raging spouse in place.
If the ham does not calm down and continues to insult - leave the time room. Let him have time to think, to comprehend your words. Perhaps he will come to the conclusion that living with a strong woman he did not like, and want to find a weak partner who will meekly bear all his abuse. But most likely, if a man loves you, and rudeness are not normal, and accident, he will make the right conclusions. And will vent his anger in the gym and not on the woman.
If rudeness has grown into a home terror - don't stay with such a person. To alter it is unlikely to succeed. And not the fact that becoming better, it will not be from time to time to return to the old manner of behavior in the family. This is especially dangerous if there are children, who absorb like a sponge all is said and done parents. So find the strength to end this relationship and go in search of a worthy partner who will appreciate and respect you.