Positive attitude for the exam. Imagine in advance the situation that occurs in the exam, mentally scroll through all the solutions. Be sure to think about a positive test result. Remember all the previous successful cases of the exam, think from past experience you can apply now. Besides, thinking about past successes, you have the chance to repeat them, because in this way you are programming yourself for success. Ask your loved ones to tell you only good words and advice. Confidence family and friends in a positive result of the exam will help you to cope with anxiety and believe in themselves. Knowing that people love you is not the mark obtained in the exam, but simply for what you have, you will be able to calm down and feel more confident.
To help you cope with stress can also physical exercise and action. Massage of the hands or earlobes, try to relax alternately tense muscles. Be sure to get some sleep before the exam, because good rest will be the key to mental clarity during the survey. Write crib sheets, even if you never use them. The realization that they are, will give you confidence and peace of mind, besides, at the time of writing you use mechanical memory.
When you are directly in front of an audience or a Cabinet, try not to succumb to total panic. Do breathing exercises to calm down, to put in order thoughts and nerves. Take a deep breath, imagine the air passes through you from head to toe, and then sharply exhale. Imagine that along with the air you breathe out all the problems. Put your hand on your stomach, slowly inhale and also exhale. Maintain your breathing will allow you to calm down. Repeat the exercise several times.
The most important thing – get ready for the exam. Teach the right material, not the night before, and spreading gradually to the whole period of preparation. Repeat what you have already. Arrange with a friend or family member mini-survey to understand if there are any material that you do not pay attention. Everyone feels more confident man who had studied the subject of the exam.