Exercise contribute to stress relief. If you have to go to the office, and there you are awaiting such action as the answer to the question or statement with solemn speech, you should do the following: shake hands, to massage each hand, pinch, Pat your fingers. These exercises stimulate the flow of blood and crippling anxiety. Well helps to cope with the excitement of a brisk walk, crunches or pull-up.
Breath. When a person is anxious, his heart rate's elevated. You need to take a deep breath and exhale. To do this exercise several times, until the breathing is not normal and will not come in a moderate manner.
Music. You can listen to favorite songs, quietly humming a motive. Loud music in headphones will be able to intercept your worrisome thoughts (and suddenly will not work) and send them in another direction. In this way, you will not be able to adjust themselves to a negative outcome of an event, and the excitement will fade away.
To dull the excitement will help the reorientation of the action. Call old friends, talk on the removed themes, joke – in General, take a break from the situation. Sense of humor is a great cure for anxiety. Therefore, if possible, speak with a cheerful, lively person or even "nihilists". It not only boost your mood and morale, but also will tell you that everything in life is not worth anything to give a lot of significance. Nerve cells do not regenerate, and in our condition we are interested only in themselves.