Some to better prepare for the exam use nootropic drugs to memorize more material. They do enhance brain function by improving circulation. But their inappropriate use can cause hyperstimulation of the brain. May be accompanied by increased excitability, seizures or epilepsy, sleep disorders, or migraines. Why nootropics should be appointed only after examination.
In any case, do not overload. Take breaks of five to ten minutes. If possible, change activity. Do not delay preparation for the last days. Give classes for two hours a day. Don't memorize material, but try to understand him.
Make crib. Better to write them. A lot of people are better at remembering. Do not have to use them, you can calm simply their presence.
Exam preparation requires a lot of efforts. Therefore, food should always be nutritious and with vitamins. Before the exam it is better to sleep.
Increase self-esteem. The most important thing is to believe in yourself.