When it comes to the so-called exam stress, most often refers to the fear of exams in College. Most of the students during the session subject to one or more signs of fear of exams – they are shaking hands, disturbed sleep, frequent palpitations. Sometimes Vice versa – in the body slows down all processes (in feet appears weak, my heart stops, etc.)
Often the level of knowledge plays no role. Even the most intelligent and prepared student often experiencing more than their less successful comrades. The student is afraid to receive a rating below five. Those who agree to any passing score, usually less worry.
In the student environment there are many ways of getting rid of fear of exams – from Valerian and ending with the implementation of various rites. However, in the opinion of the doctor of biological Sciences, author of "Exam stress" Yuri Shcherbatykh the best remedy for the unrest in the exams is the relaxation together with meditation and self-hypnosis.
To relax, sit in a comfortable chair. Slowly inhale and exhale, imagining how cold air enters the nose, moves through all the Airways, and then comes out warm. Such breathing exercises is found in all Eastern practices. When you are sufficiently relaxed, add to the inhalation and exhalation of the auto – repeat to myself the phrase "I am calm" "I relax", "My heart beats quietly and calmly," etc.
After relaxing exercises specify its purpose. For example – "I was well prepared and easily pass the exam!". At the same time avoid particle "not", all statements must be affirmative. Better yet, speak as if your desire has already happened, for example, "I easily passed the exam!". To speak of such installations preferably out loud with a smile on her face. Feel like you cheered after relaxation. Now you are ready for action.
Try to predict how will pass the exam. Close your eyes imagine the morning of the examination day and try to closely follow your way – fees, what you will wear, the trip to the Institute, meeting with friends, the exam itself, what kind of ticket you get, a good attitude to you teacher. It is not necessary to imagine the worst case scenario – everything has to be in your favor.
Another way to release tension is to imagine that at the moment, the exam is already over. Close your eyes and imagine the exam was last week. Try to remember how great everything went. Feel as ease as you rejoice, even if the assessment is not very high.
Do not drive yourself when preparing for exams – time to eat and sleep well. Find time for walks in the fresh air. Discuss the exam with your teacher and classmates – said, the problem ceases to be so difficult. Don't focus on the rating – the world will not collapse if you don't get the highest score. Past exam forget as if it never existed. No fluff, no pen for you!