Gifts for active.

If the girl is not timid, adventurous and active in his spare time, presents extreme pleasure makes her happy. A wonderful present will be a parachute jump, especially if she wanted it, but couldn't afford. Unable to meet her down, removing the process on photos or videos to preserve memories. And you can join her in tandem, screaming in the air the words about his love.
If you are not sure that these adventures will appeal to your soulmate, it is better to choose a less extreme gift.

A perfect gift would be a flight on a helicopter or glider. When traveling by helicopter, you're in the cockpit, and if you stop your choice on the glider, fly straight through the air. You fastened to the apparatus, and you will be able to choose the route and nature of flight: calm or extreme, high or low, slow or quick trip - you decide. An unforgettable experience and a long memory of this event is your favorite guaranteed.

Gifts with a picture

A perfect gift would be a real, glossy magazine completely devoted to your girlfriend. There may be different pictures, starting with her childhood, articles on beloved, the wishes of relatives and close friends, their stories or funny stories related to it, horoscopes and more.
You will have to exert much effort and spend large amounts of time to produce such a gift, but the emotions and joy of the beloved are worth it.

A wonderful gift to the girl – photobook. Here you will be able to collect the best pictures of your second half. The perfect solution would be the production of thematic books, such as "Our eternal love", "the best journey" or "Our house tomfoolery".

Surprise beloved well her own, the painted portrait that she can hang on the wall in the bedroom or the great room. This does not necessarily lead the girl to the artist, to whom she has to sit still for several hours. Enough to find a good clear picture and attributed to the master, and a few days later to collect the portrait. Positive emotions and delight in her eyes will prove you that you did a really amazing gift.

Gift star

Give your favorite star, or rather, a certificate for it. Any girl nice to know that one of the billion brightest stars in outer space bears her name.

And remember that even the most seemingly ordinary gift will be memorable and original, if it is properly presented. In a bouquet of red roses, you can insert one gold and give it with the words "My feelings for you will die only when wither the last flower in this bouquet." But out of the box with a present of jewelry can depart a few beautiful butterflies. Love your girls and surprise them with unusual gifts!