Consider gift idea. Options can be many – from women's jewelry, items of care, to theme gifts related to the Hobbies of the girl. Let your gift will be original and interesting – the girl will certainly appreciate it.
Use your skills in graphics programs – prepare a small collage or just treat a few photos of the girls (you can take the period from childhood to the present time). If she is sentimental and romantic, she'll like it related topics – many colors, she is in a classy ball gown as Princess or Queen, etc. Active and energetic girls like the idea of the Amazon, bikers, etc. get Creative and make a song, print out the collage and insert it in a beautiful frame. Top wrap your product in plain brown paper, but don't forget to pull the bundle bow and attach a small card with wishes.
If you are good at drawing and generally creative person who loves all the unusual, make your girlfriend a greeting card. Let it be a nice addition to the main gift. Don't use only stickers, decorative paper and colorful markers – make a composition of dried flowers and twigs (an excellent replacement for the usual bouquet), include themed items (Christmas symbolism, romantic hearts, etc.). Let your card will be informative and add to it something intimate, I know just the two of you.
If your girl loves jewelry, make her a set of necklace and bracelet. For this you need natural stones (not necessarily diamonds), metal fasteners, durable nylon thread. Consider decorating idea – if the girl loves the sea and relax, it will remind her of traveling together, crafting jewelry with a nautical theme (moonstone, turquoise, quartz). Punctuated by stones, beads, colorful chunky beads is irregular in shape, unevenly cut pieces of plastic – you get a very stylish and unusual decorations for the girl who loves unusual things.
Make a pendant out of colorful plastic, combining several shades may it will be two halves of a heart on a wide square base, a ladybug, or something cute and gentle. Secure a clown on a thick lace lock clasp. Pack jewelry in a makeshift packing box.