Delight your beloved with a certificate to visit a beauty salon or day of relaxation at the SPA. Such female pleasure not only lift her spirits, but contribute to health promotion (sauna, massage, beauty treatments helpful).
If the lady is not easily frightened, give her a surprise with the extreme. Now a very popular hot air ballooning. In this case, the adrenaline rush will be replaced by a delight from the seen landscapes with a bird's eye. For the very brave and adventurous girls fit zorbing, scuba diving lessons, climbing or extreme driving.
Nice gift – concert tickets (the play) favorite artist. In this case, you need to know exactly the preferences of the woman. Hardly a fan of ethnic music will appreciate the tickets to the concert of a popular rapper or choral singing.
You can order greeting on the advertising banner. In addition to successful photos favorite, ask to place on the shield is beautiful and touching words. Well, if the shield were standing in the road, which often travels your woman.
Will you make a video where your beloved will greet friends, relatives and passers-by strangers. Shooting and editing of the film can be enjoyed in a professional Studio or do it yourself.
A good surprise will be a portrait of the "antique" or a specific theme. For his writing will take pictures of your favorite women.
If finances allow, you can as a gift to organize a trip to the beach for the weekend. Ideally, if this is a southern country with a good climate. But a surprise need to prepare in advance to take into account all the nuances.
A good gift is not everything. Don't forget a holiday to encircle his beloved with attention, affection, care and love.