How to create a holiday atmosphere

March 8 starts already in the morning, and make your girl feel truly happy and loved, we need this atmosphere to create since its revival (in this case, if you live together). A very common scheme in the day - a man prepares Breakfast and brings it to bed along with flowers. And then the day performs the whims of women, and ends with a romantic dinner at home or in the restaurant with the presentation of the gift. Quite standard, but works fine. Also all the household chores: cleaning, cooking, washing dishes, everything rests on the shoulders of men. And the girl can go to a beauty salon to freshen up before the evening or simply relax, as she wants.

You can make your favorite little surprises to make it a game - find the following using the clues. And maybe your girlfriend loves themed parties, it is also a very good option to surprise and please your mate. In the end, you can just go somewhere to the nature or for a walk in the Park, the main thing that it liked the girl, it is her holiday and she needs to spend it how she wants, not her man.

And the most important is your attitude, more gentle words of love, compliments, concerns the reality that it really saw that love and appreciate her. Sometimes that is more important than an expensive gift, a gift not from the heart.

What gifts to give on March 8

The most common gifts on March 8 in addition to flowers and sweets are jewelry, lingerie, perfume. It all depends on your financial capabilities, and preferences of your girl. If she never wears jewels (because you don't like it, not because she got nothing), then give her some of it does not make sense. This gift will please her and will not be needed. Underwear, perfume, cosmetics can only give in that case, if you really know the tastes of your lady, otherwise you may get a very unpleasant surprise. A variant of this could be the certificate to the appropriate store that you will visit together.

When choosing a gift you should focus on the interests and Hobbies of the girl. If she is actively involved in sports, you can buy her something from sports equipment (clothing, footwear, trainer, etc.) or gift card to a fitness club, and even better on a joint visit, it's very common. Perhaps your spouse loves to read or draw - then, too, quite a great opportunity to select a gift.

If your girl has long wanted to learn something new or visit a place, you can give a certificate for a course or tickets to the theater/Museum, etc. If you have the financial ability, it is possible to spend the weekend in another city/country, and optionally your choice.

Hiking in the Spa salon, where she (and preferably both of you) will make relaxing treatments is also a good alternative gift. Maybe your girl is bad ass and dreaming about skydiving or scuba diving is a great option to make her happy.

In General, ideas for gift weight. Most importantly, we have to remember, the gift should please her, not you, i.e. you have to consider her needs and desires, and not common. And in any case it is not necessary to give something for the home/kitchen (pots, pans, vacuum cleaners, etc.), it is necessary to buy just, not women's day. Although if this is her dream, too.

Love your girls, I appreciate and respect them, it's more important than all the wealth and gifts. Because without that she will not be happy, and no new ring or the phone is not able to reimburse.