What food is most useful for joints and cartilage

A person must enter in your diet foods that are beneficial for cartilage and joints, even if there is no disease, i.e. prevention. Even ancient healers knew that a strong rich broth and aspic meat, poultry and different species of fish have healing powers. They also noticed that if of these dishes, don't remove tendons, bones, cartilage, their positive impact is further enhanced. The mechanism of such effects is, of course, was still unknown, but the fact was remembered and passed down from generation to generation. That is why the specialists interested in these foods. Not by chance in the famous book "Domostroy" was specified in detail recipe of chicken jelly (with the clarification that it is best to use when cooking this dish the old cock), as well as recommendations on how to use it to cure diseases of the bones and ligaments.

To this day the most useful food for the prevention and treatment of diseases of the joints and cartilage are considered different broth and aspic from meat, poultry, fish. Medicinal properties have also a variety of fruit and berry jelly, jelly, berries. To strengthen the bone tissue of the joints, you must also enter in your diet foods rich in calcium and phosphorus in easily digestible form. Besides the already mentioned fish is cheese, cheese, shrimps, mussels.
To stimulate the synthesis of cartilage, you must enter in your diet more raw vegetables, especially mixed with vegetable oil (preferably olive).

What is the use of broths and jelly

The meal contains many mucopolysaccharides are substances included in the coating composition of the periosteum, cartilage and ligaments, as well as participating in the synthesis of synovial fluid, which plays a role of lubricant. The shortage of this fluid person experiences pain in the joints. It mukopolisaharid provides elasticity to cartilage. Therefore, consuming nourishing broths and jelly, man enters into your body with these useful compounds.
It is understandable why the most useful broths and jelly, which did not remove the cartilage, bone and tendon, that is the part that contains most of mucopolysaccharides.

Proper nutrition can help people to avoid diseases of the joints and cartilage to maintain health and performance.