You will need
  • Depending on the chosen method:
  • - Bank card and ATM with cash in the credit organization which issued the card;
  • card and passport;
  • - details of the Bank that issued the card, and the number is linked to her account, his INN (not in all cases), the passport in person at a Bank or a computer with Internet access when transferring via Internet banking.
If you want to top up the card via ATM, make sure that the device belongs to the Bank that issued your card and equipped with cash acceptance function. ATM can transfer money into the account instantly or within three working days. This information is usually printed on the device itself, it will warn about the conditions of enrollment and before the operation.
In the second case, the money is usually placed in an envelope, and the amount entered from the keyboard.
Insert the card into the ATM,enter the PIN and select "cash Deposit" ("Deposit account" or other similar meaning name). Select the account you want to fill up, if the map they tied several.Depending on the method of reception of money paste them into terminal or put it in an envelope lying on the ATM machine or next to it (better to do it beforehand) and enter the payment amount using the keypad.
Check the amount on the screen, if you agree, confirm the operation.
Keep the receipt until you confirm that the funds credited to the account.
If you would prefer to pay cash through the Bank, contact his office. Is it possible to recharge in any of them, or not at all, it is necessary to clarify in the Bank when you open the card.
Show the clerk your passport, money and map. If it is associated with several accounts, name the one you want to fill up.Check out the paper that you will give the cashier to sign, if you agree.
The receipt save in the case of controversial issues.
For transfer from the account in the same Bank you just need to contact the ticket office with a passport and a map, call the accounts, between which you want to transfer, and payment amount.
Many banks to carry out this operation you can also through the call center. In this case, you provide the necessary information to the operator and, if necessary, give voice to their call IDs.
In the interface of Internet banking usually provides option transfer between your accounts. You select the accounts between which funds are transferred, enter the payment amount and, if necessary, additional ID.
For transfer from another Bank you will need the account number that is linked to a reloadable card and Bank details, where it is open.
If the account number is not in given to you when you open the document, you can copy it from your Internet banking or contact the branch or call center of the credit institution. Other transfer information can take on its website or in office.
If you make a transfer with a personal visit to the Bank, present a passport and a map or document, which reflects the movement of funds on account (e.g. savings account), tell about your desire to do the translation, give details, name, amount of payment and its purpose (usually transfer of own funds or credit card).
Check compiled by the operator of paper if you agree, sign and will receive proof of payment.
If you have Internet banking you can transfer through this system. In this case, after login you choose the function transfer to another Bank and enter the necessary information into the appropriate fields of the interface, check its correctness and give the command to make the payment.
Some banks may require an INN of the sender, recipient or both in all cases.