The element of Taurus is earth and all the signs of this element is distinguished by thoroughness, pragmatism, punctuality and reliability. Taurus is hardly a long time will attract your short skirt and Flirty looks, to win his heart for a long time, you will have to organize a real siege.
Taureans love quality stuff, so you should work on yourself – aromas of expensive perfume, well-groomed face and body, good makeup. But not only the appearance needs to be on top. You must behave like a lady, gently and delicately.
You need to get a life and some fun. Taurusm likes everything new and unusual, sometimes even just a fancy – Windsurfing, skiing, yoga. They love to travel, so your joint trip for him will be a real treat.
You must be his true friend, but try to keep the romance was always present in your relationship. Praise him, constantly underline and note all of his accomplishments.
Create such situation, if not you, namely, he wins. Taureans do not give anyone their prey, and very violently will repel all pretensions on the part. They are great owners.
Don't forget to surround him with comfort and peace. Show him your household and cooking skills. Food taureans are not particularly fastidious, but prefer only high quality products, fast food for them, not food.
You should not play with Calf or closer, then pushing him away. It this not interested, and will only disappoint. He does not like those people who do not know what they need, so better not tease him and not to turn in rozarenova bull, so that they can do, though not often. The Bulls themselves know what they need – comfort, reliable support, a loving wife, educated children. If you are willing to provide him, then go for it!