Porridge of rice is not only healthy for all kids, it is also absolutely safe for children with allergies, but for them is it so hard to choose diet. If you add to the rice a little pumpkins, you can get a truly magical mixture. The combination of rice and pumpkin are not only able to give the organism useful substances and energy, but also to help the child - the allergic person to be cleansed of various undesirable compounds formed during allergic reactions. That is why every mother is so important to know how to cook rice porridge for infants.

Mashed rice porridge

For pureed rice porridge you will need:
- 1 glass of water;
- 2 grams of salt;
- 1,5 tbsp. of rice;
- 0.5 Cup of milk;
- 1 tsp of fructose;
- 1 tsp of butter.
This rice porridge is suitable for babies aged 5-6 months. To prepare it you must first boil water and then add salt and gradually add rice. Don't forget that the rice must be thoroughly washed, it will get rid of excess rice starch. From time to time stirring occasionally, bring the mixture until tender. Then to grind the resulting cooked rice. For this it is convenient to use a blender, although, of course, you can also use the good old method - simply RUB the pulp through a strainer.
Now we need to heat up milk and pour it in the rice the resulting puree, add to a mixture of fructose and simmer gently for five minutes. Do not forget to stir, otherwise the mixture can burn or lumps will appear. Once mashed rice porridge is ready, add butter. That's all, Bon appetit to your baby.
For preparation of rice porridge you can use breast milk or special formula. This is especially true for those kids, in the diet which have not yet introduced regular cow's milk. Don't forget that the rice cereal, just like any other lure, must be introduced gradually. For a start, offer your baby just one teaspoon, preferably in the morning. The fact that it is usually in the morning, the body is more active, and therefore the new product is better absorbed.

Rice porridge with the addition of pumpkin

For rice porridge with pumpkin you will need:
- 1 glass of water;
- 100 grams of pumpkin;
2 tbsp of rice;
- 2 cups of milk;
- a pinch of salt;
- 1 tsp of fructose;
- 1 tsp of butter.
This porridge is suitable for babies aged six months. First we need to chop the pumpkin using grater. Now you need to boil water and put the grated pumpkin. After the pumpkin slices are almost ready, add in the saucepan the rice. Of course, the groats must be pre-rinsed. Now to the cereal, add milk and cook to readiness on slow fire. Do not forget to stir.
Ready porridge to wipe through a strainer or carefully grind using a blender. Then add to the resulting gruel fructose, salt and again bring the mixture to a boil. The final stage of cooking adding a small amount of butter. That's all the gruel of rice and pumpkin ready.

Porridge of rice and cottage cheese

For cooking rice porridge with cottage cheese you will need:
- 1.5 cups of water;
2 tbsp of rice;
- 1 tsp of fructose;
- 1 tsp butter;
- 50 g of cottage cheese.
Such a mess you can start to give your baby after he turns eight months. For cooking rinse the rice and put it in boiling water. Cook until tender. Blend the resulting mixture using a blender, then add cottage cheese, fructose and butter. Don't forget all thoroughly.