To introduce cereal in the diet of a child is provided with 5 months. But you better define this term for your kid. Watch his behavior: if the child frequently asks for food, breast milk is not enough for him, it's time to think about feeding. Do not try new dishes after illness or vaccinations. The kid's body experiences stress, it is not necessary to give him extra stress.
Select the cerealwith which you will acquaint the child in the first place. Familiar from childhood semolina is not suitable – modern nutritionists have unanimously agreed that this food is too heavy for a child. You need to choose cerealsthat are easily digested and do not cause allergies. This is buckwheat, it is and should start. Then you can give rice porridge, oatmeal, wheat, porridge made of corn flour.
You must now decide the question of whether to cook porridge yourself, or buy a special baby. Last guarantee high-quality structure, but increase the risk of Allergy. Cook porridge yourself is quite troublesome, besides using "adult" cereals, you can not guarantee their quality.
Special children's cereals are among the products of different manufacturers - for example, Hipp, baby, HIPP, Heinz. Please note that the porridge must be tried. Because milk is also difficult to digest and sometimes cause allergies. Milk porridge can be given closer to year. Another important criterion is the absence of gluten. On this, as a rule, producers are misleading on packaging of the visible icon.
Porridge, like any other solid foods should be introduced gradually. Start with one spoon, the next day, offer the child two, then three and so on until your baby starts to eat about 200 g of cereal per day. This dish is better to offer the child in the morning.