Don't be afraid to be funny. It is better to smile than to waft boredom. Dreary working day can vary, for example, that to call a neighboring Department and a serious voice to call himself on the phone. The joke will be especially successful if at the end of the phone knows you well. Or stop move in such a banal way, like walking: instead, you can jump, crawl on all fours or ... you can go everywhere in a chair. Can be hidden behind the microwave the phone, turning on the speakerphone, and hide nearby. So the dinner staff will be able to test your nerve and sense of humour, when they suddenly speak microwave.
If you came to visit, prepare in advance a program of entertainment. It can be a strategic Board game, watching a movie, painting walls, singing songs, contests and much more. Association game, when the target word is required to explain with gestures is fun for people of all ages.
Learn to do something interesting, for example, show magic tricks, trewavasae, play a musical instrument. So in a boring environment you will be able to cheer others. You can stock up on jokes, fun stories, puzzles, or even Buddhist philosophical mysteries is the Kohanim. It all depends on what kind of company you have got.
Show generosity. If before the exam to treat classmates with chocolate, it will greatly defuse the situation before mental test. Especially that chocolate triggers the production of endorphins – the "happy hormone". Give people small gifts for the holidays and for no reason. Be generous and kind words. Made a compliment, some good advice or a hug will lift the mood of others.
Be polite, positive and smile more often. To raise someone 's mood, do not have to make this effort. The man who radiates joy and inspires it in other people. Nothing losing at the same time, you make the world a better place, and people – kinder and more cheerful.