Very often the causes of bad moods lie in the fact that a person has a lot of problems, he is confused and doesn't know how to be. Share with someone this burden can be very difficult, with the result that the weight of accumulated, people are increasingly entangled, his health is deteriorating. In this situation, you must listen to the person, give him the opportunity to speak out, to share their difficulties. Try to talk and if I see that person is revealed, don't interrupt - let the negative stream of words will pour out. It is by listening, start talking or giving advice. It often happens that a man nadumuyut trouble expressing their third-party person, understands that it's not worth a damn and it becomes much easier.
To raise the mood can be not only a friendly conversation and an invitation to go somewhere. The cinema is an interesting film, and the theater premiere? Great! Take a sad friend and forward: cultural promenade can quickly wipe out a bad mood!
If sad woman, invite her to go with you shopping. Very often shopping is a great female antidepressant.
To raise the mood and able, a regular walk. Take a walk through your favorite city streets or organize field trips. Fresh air and shashlik and not leave a trace of sadness!
To raise the mood of you and the inviting person in a cozy cafe. Just choose the time that the institution had few visitors, then your close will be easier to communicate and move away from worries.
Another indispensable medicine for depression - surprise! Buy a close a long-cherished gift. Do not have to purchase a diamond necklace (although if you have the means, why not?) or a new car. The gift may be inexpensive, but it was from the heart. A nice bauble, book, favorite author, a gel with a cheerful and warm smell - you can fantasize endlessly!
If you feel that the bad mood of a close person flows into a depression and none of your "fun" action does not find the response, then you should seriously consider. Perhaps the suffering person should talk to a therapist or take a course of drug therapy, sedatives and antidepressants, are prescribed by a doctor.
The main thing - do not leave the person alone with their thoughts. Heavy periods happen at all, and if loved ones are nearby and all the forces will try to help to cope with problems, and poor mood, in the end, will surrender and will definitely be back!