You will need
  • - chicken fillets;
  • spit
Prepare the chicken carcass. First, the bird must be defrosted. To preserve all the nutrients, defrost chicken on the bottom shelf of the refrigerator or leaving the bird for a few hours in the room. In a pinch defrost meat in a microwave oven using the function "defrost".
Rinse the chicken under running water, dry with paper towels.
Marinate the bird in any way. You can do it with ready-made marinade, you can marinate the bird in soy sauce, lemon juice, mayonnaise...Sometimes the carcass just rubbed with seasoning blend and garlic. There is already a matter of taste.
Now you need a chicken to put on the spit. On the spit there are two "plugs" to ensure that the chicken didn't come off. One of the "forks" securely fasten to the bottom side of the spit. Carefully pierce a skewer the poultry. Easier to do it the spit sticking from neck to tail. Now the second "fork" securely mount the chicken on the skewer near the tail.
Fix all the exposed portion of the chicken. To do this, in the field of breast make deep incisions. Hide them in the wings. Make small incisions on the skin and they help to secure the legs of poultry.
Use strong thread if it's not possible to fix the legs and wings with the help of the incisions. To do this, simply roll a small amount of thread and tie the chickentightly pressed to the calf all protruding parts. Legs can be cut together, and then tied to the spit. Chicken for roasting on the grill is ready.