To cook chicken with a crispy crust, poultry must be properly prepared. First of all, you need to wash fresh or fully thawed bird inside and out, and then carefully blot with a paper towel. Then the chicken slowly pour a lot of boiling water a few times thanks to this simple procedure, the pores of the skin closes and the crust will be more crispy. In conclusion, the carcass must be re-wet a clean towel.
No less important in this case and the marinade. Best RUB chicken with sour cream or mayonnaise and allow to soak for a while – oiled peel during cooking will become crispy and toasty. However, if such products are already tired or are too fat, poultry can be marinated in soy sauce. This product not only add the taste of piquancy, but will make the crust almost glossy, and most importantly – crispy. You can also use any marinade based on honey, we need only to endure in it, bird at least an hour, better yet 3 hours at room temperature.
Bake the chicken need only in a pre-heated oven. First, at a temperature of 170оС for 25 minutes and then at a temperature of 200oC until tender. Because of this the meat is properly baked will be very soft, and the crust is crunchy.
Chicken with a crispy crust is easy to prepare in aerogrill or in a conventional oven, if it has the grill function. Without this feature the bird are best baked on the grill, otherwise the bottom crust will get soft due to the constant finding in the oil. And at the bars you can substitute a baking sheet.
When, during the cooking of poultry will begin to stand out juice, it's important to periodically pour over the chicken – this will also contribute to the formation of crisp. In addition, thanks to this trick can not be afraid that the dish will turn out insufficiently - just try the juice and salt it if necessary. In the end you lubricate the skin of the bird a small amount of butter and allow to stand the chicken in the oven for another five minutes, the crust turned out really tasty.
The finished chicken should immediately get out of the oven. If you leave it there without fire, the crust some time to soften. Also, do not cover baked chicken with foil to keep it warm – it will also contribute to the softening of the crust. After the dish cools, should be cut into portions and serve.