Pinguecula – growth around cornea. Yellowish of education often appear in older age and exposed to them a long staying in the sun. A benign tumor is removed with a laser. Ate the build-up does not bother and does not cause any cosmetic discomfort, remove it is optional.
Papilloma. This is not education, translucent nodules, which can purchase the stratum corneum and complete immobility. Remove the build-up, use lazarakis. The contents of the tumors are thoroughly tested in the lab, as it has the ability to grow from benign to malignant.
Polyp. Education has a fleshy consistence, of a red-pink color, creating a cosmetic defect. To get rid of the tumors can be surgically. With a scalpel polyps excised.
Nevus is a benign pigmented tumor with smooth or rough surface. The progression of a nevus can grow into a malignant tumor. The patient should be monitored by a physician who will notice the slightest changes and will take immediate action.
Dermoid of the conjunctiva – yellow-white education with the internal content of adipose tissue, hair, or items of the sweat glands. To remove the tumor is possible only surgically.
Squamous-cellular cancer – tumor in the form of papillomatous site. To get rid of build-up by using resection, laser coagulation, cryotherapy. This form of growth requires immediate removal, as intensively grows inside the eye.