Take one small onion, peel and soak for some time in vinegar. After cut the onion, put on papilloma, tie a bandage and leave the bandage overnight. This procedure should be done several days in a row.
Helps to cope with papillomas the juice of Kalanchoe. For making medical bandage to cut leaves of Kalanchoe and squeeze out the juice, the resulting juice soak cotton wool and apply to the papilloma. Dressing must be done daily for 7-9 days.
Celandine is a great tool in dealing with any formations on the skin, including papillomas. The juice of the freshly plucked leaf of celandine quickly cope with this problem, enough fresh juice is applied to the papilloma, to fix the patch and after a couple of days will pass.
Infusion from papillomas prepared as follows: the need to take equal proportions of plantain leaves and nettle, lemon balm, horsetail herb, dandelion root, carefully grind in a coffee grinder and mix. Three tablespoons of the mixture pour one liter of cold water, bring to boil, boil for 8-10 minutes. After the infusion has cooled, you need to let it brew for 3-4 hours and then strain. This infusion should drink three times a day for half an hour before eating three tablespoons. The course must be held for seven days.
Well to get rid of warts garlic cream. For its preparation you need to mix one teaspoon of minced garlic with two teaspoons of any mild cream. The resulting ointment should be applied on the gauze and bandage to papilloma or fix the impregnated gauze using adhesive tape. Keep the bandage should be 4-5 hours. Then thoroughly rinse the skin with warm soapy water. A similar procedure must be done every day during the month.