Yellow whites of the eyes may indicate liver disease, infection, viral hepatitis, malignant tumors or conjunctiva. Also yellowing of the whites of the eyes may also be caused by problems with the gall bladder and the biliary ways.

Yellowing of the whites of the eyes due to liver disease

When the whites of the eyes acquire a yellow tinge, it makes sense to be suspicious. Such changes may indicate diseases of the liver. As in the human body, namely the red blood cells is bilirubin is an enzyme in the decay of which the formation of yellow spots. And bilirubin is produced in the liver, so the yellowing of the whites of the eyes suggest that this organ is affected by the disease.

Yellow whites of the eyes can signal such problems with the liver such as hepatitis is a serious disease, characterized by yellowing of skin and whites of the eyes. Jaundice is the staining of tissue throughout the body in yellow, with yellow pigment formed during the breakdown of bilirubin. In this process emission of harmful substances to the body, that affect nervous system.

Another possible reason for the yellow whites of the eyes is infection of the liver, some parasites (opisthorchiasis or echinococcosis). Worms dwell in this body of man and begins there to parasitize.

Diseases of the eye, characterized by the yellowing of the whites

The whites of the eyes can take on a yellow tinge due to the presence of conjunctival tumors, e.g., melanoma. This is a very serious disease, difficult to diagnose and difficult to cure. This disease is a type of cancer, and the cure should be taken from relevant experts, independent action in the treatment to take is not allowed.

The whites of the eyes can take on a yellow tinge themselves with the disease of the visual organs. Such ailments include pinguecula (the appearance of Wen yellow) and pterygium (growth of the conjunctiva). These diseases can be linked to a process disturbance of lipid metabolism.

Sometimes the whites of the eyes become yellowish with fatigue and tiredness. Lack of sleep, dry air and long computer work can also be reasons for this phenomenon.

Recommendations in such cases are the fresh air and a special soothing lotion for eyes. Such causes yellowing of the whites of the eyes are easily avoidable, in serious cases, in various diseases of liver and other pathologies yellowing of the whites does not pass until, until you find and eliminate the underlying disease.