Advice 1: How to get rid of pimples on the eye

The cause of whiteheads – Milia – is a blockage of the tubules of the output of the sebaceous glands. Overgrowth, layering on each other causes the formation of solid masses and the formation of Milia. The most frequent location under the eyes, near or around the eyes, on the cheeks or temples. Active their formation may indicate increased amounts of cholesterol in the blood. Therefore, it is recommended to do a blood test and check liver and gallbladder.

How to get rid of pimples on the eye
With the appearance of Milia, contact the beauty parlor or beauty clinic. There are several ways to get rid of them. The most common method is mechanical removal. Beautician, pre-disinfect the affected area of the skin, punctures milium sterile needle and remove its contents. On the skin are small wounds that quickly disappear. Not to injure unnecessarily the skin and does not disrupt the sebaceous glands, in one session is removed not more than 10 pieces.
A more modern way to remove white acne is considered to be electrocoagulation. The basis of the process – cauterization of the affected area of the skin alternating high frequency electric current. After the treatment the skin is the crust, which is without a trace. After the necessary procedural antiseptic skin treatment at home.
Very popular method of laser coagulation, which is carried out by laser. The principle of operation is the same as in the previous method. Also form a crust on the spot cleaning, which takes place over 7-10 days without a trace. Treatment with antiseptic after the procedure at home.
In addition to the above methods it is possible to remove acne with the help of a curette, a tool shaped like a spoon. This is the least effective method, the use of which is too traumatic for the skin, leaving long to heal scars.
In addition to carrying out these cosmetic procedures to get rid of Milia, you must follow some rules. You first need to radically change your diet. To unsubscribe from Coca-Cola, carbonated drinks, chips, fast food, coffee, and chocolate. In the diet should be present dairy products, fruits, herbs, various cereals, green tea.
It is necessary to normalize the bowel, because the skin takes part of its cleaning function and throws unwanted toxins and fats through the excretory pores, which clog them.
Drink at least 2 liters per day of clean water, ideally - structured melt.
Give up Smoking and alcohol, these two products make the greatest imbalance in the natural metabolism.
It is not recommended to remove the Milia. The inflammatory process begins even from contact with germs at the right time.
Useful advice
Do not use any kind of cosmetics. Use the services of a professional cosmetologist for choosing cosmetics appropriate for your skin type and its condition very quickly you will appreciate.

Advice 2 : What to do pimple on upper eyelid

Pimple on upper eyelid is a serious problem. He brings not only cosmetic unattractiveness of the face, but is dangerous to health. All actions for the treatment of pimple needs to be literate, so as not to provoke further proliferation.
What to do pimple on upper eyelid
Facial skin requires thorough care. Even observing all the rules of hygiene, it is possible to deal with acne. Their treatment is different and depends on the location. Pimples on the upper eyelid require special treatment, as they are on very thin tissue and surrounding brain. It is therefore important to stop the infection and not allow it to spread inland.

What better to do

It is necessary to dry the inflamed pimple. Come to the aid of physiotherapy. Darsonvalization and quartz treatments are directed only at small portion of a closed century, which formed the pimple. They will help to reduce inflammation, kill bacteria even inside the skin will be preventing the spread of disease.

You can use ointments with antibacterial and anti-inflammatory action. Pimple on upper eyelid should be gently smear a thin layer. Better to put an auxiliary means, for example, with a cotton swab. If ointment to apply with your fingers, then be sure to pre-wash your hands thoroughly.

For speedy recovery and prevention of recurrence it is possible to take restorative medication. Good work complex vitamins and immunomodulators. For the treatment of acne on the face is often used autohemotherapy, it helps to fight bacteria that are already in the body. In severe cases, resort to a short course of antibiotics. Century have good blood supply, so the effect is noticeable in a short time.

If there is a need to go outside, you can paint over the pimple on upper eyelid dry shadows. Pick the color darker and to hide the disease. It is better to avoid drafts and areas with a high concentration of dust.

To clean and maintain the surface of the affected century, you can use the tonic, which is tested and does not cause allergies. Wipe with a light touch in the direction from the outer corner to the nose.

What not to do

Pimple on upper eyelid - not just a cosmetic defect, and inflammation. In any case it is impossible to squeeze. When squeezing the tissues violated the integrity of blood vessels, infection spreads rapidly in the lymph flow to the next area. The inflammation may reach the meninges.

Do not use compresses. The moist surface will only worsen the situation - there are "kissing" pimples, when one is opposite another, then the whole area becomes inflamed eyelids.

If you recall the methods from the folk medicine, it is appropriate to use harmless methods, such as spin modulo pimple or wave from the eyes cross. Better to do nothing, hoping for all the healing power of the immune system than to moisten a pimple upper eyelid decoctions and infusions. Be careful if the pimple is not more than 5 days, consult a doctor.

Advice 3 : How to cure white bumps on eyelids

White pimples formed on the eyelids, and sometimes on the cheeks are called milium, or corn Bunting. The sizes are small – from 1 to 3 mm, white in color, dense to the touch, similar to the grain. Occur due to blockage of the sebaceous glands. Frightened and upset at the appearance of white spots is not necessary – it is not fatal and is treatable quickly.
How to cure white bumps on eyelids

Causes white pimples on the eyelids

A large amount of sebum starts to accumulate in the same place, not having time "to be free" is so tightly clogged ducts. Primary Milia arise. Secondary are due to mechanical damage of the skin or leaking of inflammatory processes. You might run into a zit or a group of corn Buntings, located next to each other. One of the causes of milium is considered improper diet. Eliminate from your diet fatty, smoked and fried foods. For her, the pores are closed even stronger. Most of these problems are inherent in those who have oily or combination skin.

Methods of treating and combating pimples on the eyelids

One of the options in the fight against prosyanok – to seek help to the doctor-dermatologist or cosmetologist. The doctor will give good advice, and the beautician will save you from acne. There is a cosmetic way to remove the Bunting, which you can use at home. Wash your face with warm water with baby soap or lotion.

Prepare a steam bath with beneficial for face herbs and hold it over her face so it got raspalas. Wipe the skin dry and soaked in alcohol tincture of the place where there is acne and a thin needle. Suitable needle from the syringe. Clean hands with a disinfected tool gently pierce the Bunting and squeeze all of the contents. Wipe the place alcohol-based tincture.

If you are afraid to carry this kind of procedure, consult a specialist. In addition to this method, the clinic can offer a more gentle alternative. Electrocoagulation – cauterization of the spot electric flows. Formed after the procedure, a dense crust is quite fast.

Another priority method of treatment is laser photocoagulation. Based on the action of a laser. In the same way as in the previous method, there is a seal, disappearing in a few weeks. Unfortunately, there is no medicinal ointments, creams, lotions or masks to combat prosyanok. In some cases, white pimples disappear as suddenly as they appear. Turn in the course of treatment is daily skin care, then the likelihood of milium reduced several times. Often wash, wipe the face lotion, do it several times a week, sometimes masks and steam baths. And less you touch the face, especially eyes, hands.

White bumps on the eyelids, like any other inflammation, interfere with normal functioning of the skin and make us less confident. Therefore, timely response to the problem will improve the mood and appearance.
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