With the appearance of Milia, contact the beauty parlor or beauty clinic. There are several ways to get rid of them. The most common method is mechanical removal. Beautician, pre-disinfect the affected area of the skin, punctures milium sterile needle and remove its contents. On the skin are small wounds that quickly disappear. Not to injure unnecessarily the skin and does not disrupt the sebaceous glands, in one session is removed not more than 10 pieces.
A more modern way to remove white acne is considered to be electrocoagulation. The basis of the process – cauterization of the affected area of the skin alternating high frequency electric current. After the treatment the skin is the crust, which is without a trace. After the necessary procedural antiseptic skin treatment at home.
Very popular method of laser coagulation, which is carried out by laser. The principle of operation is the same as in the previous method. Also form a crust on the spot cleaning, which takes place over 7-10 days without a trace. Treatment with antiseptic after the procedure at home.
In addition to the above methods it is possible to remove acne with the help of a curette, a tool shaped like a spoon. This is the least effective method, the use of which is too traumatic for the skin, leaving long to heal scars.
In addition to carrying out these cosmetic procedures to get rid of Milia, you must follow some rules. You first need to radically change your diet. To unsubscribe from Coca-Cola, carbonated drinks, chips, fast food, coffee, and chocolate. In the diet should be present dairy products, fruits, herbs, various cereals, green tea.
It is necessary to normalize the bowel, because the skin takes part of its cleaning function and throws unwanted toxins and fats through the excretory pores, which clog them.
Drink at least 2 liters per day of clean water, ideally - structured melt.
Give up Smoking and alcohol, these two products make the greatest imbalance in the natural metabolism.