Advice 1: Why twitch in sleep

Often during sleep, some people have the sensation of falling. The muscles of the body begin to decline sharply, and the man wakes up. Sometimes when falling asleep people feel like they have a twitching arm or leg. There are several opinions about the causes of such phenomena.
Why twitch in sleep

Why do people twitch in my sleep

According to one version, explaining the twitching during sleep, this phenomenon is the reaction of the brain to slow breathing. As you know, there are several phases of sleep. The initial phase is accompanied by a sharp decrease in breathing rate. The brain interprets this slowdown as death, and therefore trigger a defensive reaction. In this reflex, the brain sends a signal to the extremities to contract, prompting "dying" body.

Another version is as follows. During sleep the brain is in the same active state as when awake, though the body is still. Some scientists believe that at this time the brain builds models of the body, which may differ from the actual. And the feeling of falling in humans, there because are constructed by the brain model takes the pose in which you may lose your balance. In this case there is a reaction, which is characterized by a sharp enabling the muscles to "balance" the real body and the person wakes up.
One of the causes of involuntary muscle contractions during sleep may be a lack of magnesium in the body.

Also, it is believed that in this way the muscles relieve tension that has accumulated during the day. There is a version that in a certain period of sleep, the brain ceases to respond to external stimuli, but changes in the body it gives a pretty strong reaction. For example, if in the blood the concentration of calcium or potassium, the body can respond to spontaneous contractions of the muscles.

How to get rid of twitching in sleep

If involuntary muscle contractions during sleep occur frequently and trouble, you need to take certain measures. To calm the nerves before sleep, not think over the plans for the next day. Remember the past, especially the unpleasant moments. Before you fall asleep, dream of the good and cherished.

Take a bath or shower. Well relax and unwind-massage or massage. Listen to soothing music. To sleep quality, can use simple relaxation techniques - deep breathing, muscle relaxation, visualization of relaxing places.
Before going to bed to watch a Comedy, read light entertainment magazine or book.

Ventilate the room before bedtime. It is desirable that the temperature in the bedroom was -18 ºc. Too low or too high room temperature can interfere with quality sleep. If these methods do not help, and jerking in sleep continues, should address to the neuropathologist.

Advice 2: Why twitch in sleep

In the old days, many believed in what the man shudders in her sleep, because at this moment it concerns the devil or other evil spirit. Well, today there are other less scary explanations for this phenomenon.
Why twitch in sleep
Some believe that the chaotic motion of the human in sleep are associated with insufficient blood circulation. In this case we say that the body during sleep numb. In an attempt to restore blood flow, the body forces the person to move. Often, poor circulation is inherited and can talk about some of the diseases. Such people experience weakness or a tingling sensation in the limbs in the morning.
Another cause of restless sleep is stress. If the day was too stressful, and you have failed in the evening to relax, then it is likely that muscle during sleep will shrink, trying to relieve tension, this kind of relaxation for the body.
Probably many have heard that there are several levels of sleep. Now, being one of them, a person does not perceive the world around him, he seemed disconnected from it. Simultaneously, the sleeping brain is able to respond to the needs of the body. For example, if in your organism there is a shortage of any vitamins, like calcium and potassium, in sleep the muscles will shrink, causing sleep to twitch.
Sometimes the twitching is because when a person falls asleep, he cannot fully fall asleep, something prevents him. In these moments, he startles, wakes up and then sinks back into slumber. These kind of transitions may be repeated several times until, until a restful sleep.
There is another, not the explanation that people twitch in their sleep. The fact that the dream is somewhat reminiscent of death: pressure and body temperature drop, even the breathing is slowed down considerably. They say that the human brain is not always able to perceive this state as sleep, it does not understand, relax you or die. For these reasons, the brain from time to time sends to the muscles nerve impulses, causing the body to shudder. Allegedly, due to this, the brain is able to make sure that the body is alive.
Useful advice
If you want to achieve the most restful sleep, need to relax. Take a relaxing bath, make a gentle massage. All this will prepare your body to relax.
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