Why do people twitch in my sleep

According to one version, explaining the twitching during sleep, this phenomenon is the reaction of the brain to slow breathing. As you know, there are several phases of sleep. The initial phase is accompanied by a sharp decrease in breathing rate. The brain interprets this slowdown as death, and therefore trigger a defensive reaction. In this reflex, the brain sends a signal to the extremities to contract, prompting "dying" body.

Another version is as follows. During sleep the brain is in the same active state as when awake, though the body is still. Some scientists believe that at this time the brain builds models of the body, which may differ from the actual. And the feeling of falling in humans, there because are constructed by the brain model takes the pose in which you may lose your balance. In this case there is a reaction, which is characterized by a sharp enabling the muscles to "balance" the real body and the person wakes up.
One of the causes of involuntary muscle contractions during sleep may be a lack of magnesium in the body.

Also, it is believed that in this way the muscles relieve tension that has accumulated during the day. There is a version that in a certain period of sleep, the brain ceases to respond to external stimuli, but changes in the body it gives a pretty strong reaction. For example, if in the blood the concentration of calcium or potassium, the body can respond to spontaneous contractions of the muscles.

How to get rid of twitching in sleep

If involuntary muscle contractions during sleep occur frequently and trouble, you need to take certain measures. To calm the nerves before sleep, not think over the plans for the next day. Remember the past, especially the unpleasant moments. Before you fall asleep, dream of the good and cherished.

Take a bath or shower. Well relax and unwind-massage or massage. Listen to soothing music. To sleep quality, can use simple relaxation techniques - deep breathing, muscle relaxation, visualization of relaxing places.
Before going to bed to watch a Comedy, read light entertainment magazine or book.

Ventilate the room before bedtime. It is desirable that the temperature in the bedroom was -18 ºc. Too low or too high room temperature can interfere with quality sleep. If these methods do not help, and jerking in sleep continues, should address to the neuropathologist.