Thanks to the Federal program "Young family" every married couple can receive from the state a certain subsidy for the purchase of housing. For a start they have to gather certain documents confirming such necessity. But it is worth noting that the right to participate in this Federal program, there are only certain categories of persons. You have to come under certain conditions. The age of people applying for new housing should not exceed 35 years. Also you should really need to improve their living conditions. Besides the availability of funds, allowing to obtain the credit for purchase of housing.
So, if you decided that your family fits this program, and have already begun to collect the necessary documents, try to learn the whole list of necessary papers. To do this, you should contact the local authorities. It is the supervisor oversees all matters related to this Federal program. You should memorize the entire list of documents required for Queuing for a grant. Such a list can be found on the website of the administration. Currently, the administration of each municipality has its own website, but remember that any area has its own nuances, so it is best to see the list of documents within the organization.
Once you sdadite documents, you will have to wait some time to the local authorities checked them. Only then your family will queue for a grant. How quickly you will have the subsidy depends on the number of people in the queue. As a rule, in most cases, the line moves fairly quickly. Local governments represent a subsidy on average, 200 families every year.