Options coloring

Hair coloring is one of the available means of changes in appearance. It can be done at professional hairdressers or at home by yourself.
To do the initial coloring, it is recommended to consult a specialist, as regrowth of the hair, you can dye them yourself.

There are various options for coloring. According to the type of performance it can be transverse and longitudinal. When the longitudinal method of dyeing various shades are applied to the entire length of hair. At cross-section provided smooth transitions from dark shades to light, so hair looks very natural. With this method of painting the color will hold much longer.

In appearance, the coloring is multicolored, neon, pearlescent, patterned and California. When multi-color staining is used a wide range of shades that suits almost every woman. Such coloring on dark hair puts the emphasis on lighter and darker strands.

Pearl coloring is very popular abroad. To run it use a special paint that changes its color under different lighting conditions. Thus, an effect of transfusion. Such a coloring will look very well on blonde hair. For neon dyeing uses a very bright color. Popular another version of this painting, when bright made only a few strands of hair.

California coloring creates a smooth transition from dark roots to platinum ends. Such staining is difficult to distinguish from the natural color. Patterned coloring is the creation of patterns and pictures on the hair using stencils. Original will look bright patterns on dark hair, or conversely, dark patterns on a light.

How to select coloring

For women with dark hair the best fit multi-color coloring, which will help to change the image. To create a unique hairstyle, aligning longitudinal and transverse staining methods. For lovers of experiments suitable patterned coloring, it will underline individuality and style.
Patterned coloring on dark hair looks very impressive, so this kind of staining is quite popular among the stars.

Women with brown hair you can choose the coloration natural tones with one color. The coloring on the hair also allows you to use darker colours. For light curls, you can apply and pearlescent coloring, and neon. You can choose chestnut, reddish, ashen hues of the strands. To find a suitable option, you can see pictures of hairstyles with different types of coloring.