You will need
  • adapter for the smart card;
  • set - top box with smart card support;
  • - TV with support for smart cards.
To install the smart card into the TV uses a special slot, Common Interface (CI). To find this port, carefully examine the device or use its application. The slot is usually located on the back of the TV and can be signed as a PCMCIA Card Slot.
Depending on the connection type map is fixed directly or using a CAM-module, which often comes with a TV. Also CAM, you can sometimes give the company to which you are connected to digital TV services. Insert the card into the module so that its contact part was facing the slots on the module. Insert the card until it stops.
Install the module with the card in the slot of your TV in accordance with the marking applied to the device. For more accurate information you can use the instructions for use.
Depending on the TV model the installation of a smart card may vary. If you are installing the card in a separate console, is also necessary to place it in accordance with the directions of the arrows on the device itself.
Turn on the TV and the console (if available) to check availability of connected channels. If the installed card does not work, check the connection of the adapter again and if necessary again, remove the card from the slot and insert it back. If the channels were defined, but they are denied access, check the card or contact the helpdesk of your service provider. It is possible that you have not activated you need a set of channels or payment for the use of television.