Card memory allows you to increase the memory of phone up to 32 GB, thus you can upload not only photos and music, but also videos. To insert such card in the phone, find out what the maximum memory supported by your model, and then buy the desired map memory and use one of the installation methods.
The correct way is the one that is listed in the instructions for your phone model. Find this manual and the equipment described installation manual. It usually contains images, so turn off your phone and repeat the depicted operation, carefully inserting the card memory.
If you don't have instructions and access to the Internet to search its electronic counterpart, install card memory yourself. To do this, find the location of the slot slot of this card. It is located either on the side or under the back cover.
At lateral location of the slot on the lid side panels painted the image of the circle with the arrow. Click in this case on the cover, so she leaned back. However, if the panel is not moved, pry it with your fingernail and pull to the side. Just don't press too hard to avoid breakage.
As soon as the phone cover is gone, put the camera facing upwards and find the credit card. Then take the very mapto the gold contacts were at the top, and insert it into the holder. Then return the phone cover in place.
If you do not find the side slot, put the mobile phone front panel down and gently open the back cover. Under it you will see the nest, which is the map memory. Take it, align the gold contacts with your phone contacts and push down on the edge of the card until you hear a click. After that, close the rear cover.