You will need
  • Mobile phone, flash card of any size.
Flash cards come in different brands, different sizes. Externally, they differ only in form factor: some drives are larger and some smaller. Thanks to modern technology, the flash media are not only used in phones, but also in cameras and camcorders, and mp3 players. But the mass popularity of this type of media still leaves a lot of questions, which may relate to the use of flash drives. One of these issues: "How to insert a flash card into the phone?".
Sometimes it is very difficult to find a socket for insertion of the card. When buying a phone you can not see exactly where you inserted the flash drive with the seller-consultant. To know the answer to this question, you can refer to the instructions that came with the phone. You can also consult the guide to the phone on the official website of the manufacturer of your phone.
For each model of phone connector for a USB flash drive can be anywhere. The Nokia flash-card is located under the battery manufacturers Sony Ericson prefer the side panel of the phone. When you insert the stick make sure the connector has no other media. If such a carrier was discovered that it is possible to get pressure on him. The connector is designed so that when pressed it pushes a flash drive. After the slots for the flash drive is empty, insert your flash card.