You will need
  • Guitar, preamp, piezo pickup (no inline), or MSI external USB sound card.
As a rule, the power of standard built-in laptop sound card is not enough for connection of the guitar and speakers. Then come to the aid of an external sound card connected, usually through a USB or PCMCI connector .
After buying this sound card, the process of connecting the guitar to the laptop will not be different from connecting it to the computer.The first step is to make sure that the guitar has a pickup. If it's an acoustic guitar, for removing sound you can use a conventional microphone. You can also buy piezo pickups.
Guitar with piezo pickup connects to a microphone input. If the guitar has a preamp, the connection must be made to the line input. This will give better and louder sound quality.
Next, you need to install guitar processor to the computer system. There are plenty of them, but with the best quality and are considered used Guitar Rig and Revalver. You can also install a simple program for recording (Sonar), but still have to install guitar plugins (the same as Revalver).