Computerwide mixing console and a map. If you have a multichannel sound card and, say, 8-female panel, make connection as follows. As one DJ nest has the properties of both input and output, and sound card, these properties are represented by individual sockets, solder 8 music cables (in principle, you can buy ready). Inside every cable must be on the 2 signal wires. After this "granite" their twenty-four jacks (plugs). Eight of them stereo (for mixer), and sixteen – mono (for sound card).
To connect the mixer to the computer, use two cables "type a Tulip-mini-Jack", and connect to the inputs of the mixer outputs of the sound card. After that, installed the emulator, set the option to use an external mixing consoleand get to work. To connect the mixer, in any case, you need a multichannel sound card with 2 or more audio outputs. Virtual soundboard And Tractor'e or VirtualDJ will play on the first output and the second output. The signal coming from them, will act the same as real player or vinyl turntable.
Purchase special cables for switching. Within them should be laid two signal wiring. Cables set a certain number of slots, and is connected. Thus, using different drivers, you can output multiple independent audio channels. So will you provide the effect of multi-track audio playback.
If you have USBremote, just plug it to the USB output of the computer. It is a novelty among mixers, and, of course, is the most convenient method. Of course, with this remoteom suffers a bit quality playback, but this option is quite suitable for rehearsals and recording demo albums.