You will need
  • Electric acoustic guitar
  • Cords
  • Combos
  • Mixing console
  • Speaker
  • Computer
Take electro-acoustic guitar and find a connector to connect the cord. Usually it is in the lower part of the body of the guitar. Insert the connector of the guitar cord. If the guitar has a built-in equalizer, then it will require the appropriate batteries. Before you connect your guitar make sure to check.
After that, take the other end of the guitar cord and insert it into the corresponding Jack of the combo amp. The cord is recommended to insert in the combo amp off and then turn it on. This will avoid possible damage to the device. Set the required volume level on the guitar and combo amp. Adjust the equalizer, achieve the required balance of low, mid and high frequencies. Now you can start the game.
Instead of combos you can use and other devices. You can connect an electro-acoustic guitar through a mixer and speakers. Connect a guitar with a mixer with a cord. The connection process is similar to the connection process described in the previous paragraph. Then using another cord to connect the mixer with the speakers. Now turn on all devices, adjust sound, and start the game.
Also electro-acoustic guitar can be connected directly to the computer. To do this, insert one end of a guitar cord into the Jack on the guitar, and the other end into the input connector of the computer sound card. Turn on the sound and can start the game.