Make sure you have your computer's sound card (separate or integrated into the motherboard). If not, purchase and install it. Remember that this can only be done when de-energized the car. In the absence of appropriate skills or desire to upgrade your car, purchase a special external sound card with USB interface. Make sure that it has a microphone input.
In the Linux operating system configure the sound card with sndconfig utility, Windows install its driver. If no sound, check the mixer settings - you might just set the minimum volume.
Connect to the sound card of a special computer electret microphone. If there is no special dynamic karaoke microphone is not in use - the sound will be very quiet. For making homemade microphone use an electret capsule, designed for a supply voltage of 1.5 V. With traveltoweb sound will also be quiet.
Make sure that the microphone is working. If not, restart the mixer and switch on microphone input. Set a volume to avoid acoustic feedback. If fix it fails, place the microphone away from the speakers, or use headphones instead.
On that computer, install the latest version of the Flash Player plugin is designed for the combination of OS and browser you use.
Look for websites with a karaoke file, for example Select the product and proceed to its execution.
Electret microphones have the following drawback: they cannot be connected in parallel. Microphone input at the sound card just the one. It is not possible to sing together as when using a specialized DVD player with karaoke function. To correct this deficiency by using the cheapest mixer that you can find? Besides, he usually allows for the connection of dynamic microphones. The output of the remote not connect to MIC and the line input of the sound card.