The main thing – health of the person bitten by a dog, and not the legal side of this incident. If you or your child was bitten by a dog on the street, the owner is set, take its coordinates, legal document, if possible, telephone numbers of witnesses to the incident and immediately call an ambulance at the scene. In particular, if the wound is ragged, there is a lot of blood or if the patient has shock.
If there is an opportunity for the victim to move, the wound too bleed, immediately wash it with soap in running water. Cover with antiseptic (chlorhexidine, hydrogen peroxide), the edges of the wound grease with iodine and go to the nearest branch of a medical or traumatic point.
The coordinates of the owner of the dog you needed to establish the existence of the animal vaccinated against rabies. The owner should show you a statement from the veterinary health card of the animal. If the dog has not been vaccinated or the owner of the animal is not, and you encounter a stray dog, would have to insure against the threat of infection disease transmitted through saliva.
Against rabies proverbial 40 shots in the stomach today is not put. In the hospital after being bitten by an animal you will put anti-tetanus serum. Also indicated for the prevention 6 modern vaccination against rabies, which adults are placed for 3 months in the shoulder, the children under five years old in the thigh.
In traumatic paragraph get help with any injuries inflicted by the dog if you are attacked is not a stray. Demand from the rightful owner of the dog pay you back for the moral damage and physical injury. If the owner is in no hurry to apologize to you, ask for legal assistance to the court in the nearest police station.
If you are bitten by your own dog, especially if she is not vaccinated or has expired vaccinations, and new you do not have time to do work in the same way as in the case of stray animals. Treat the wound, please seek further help at the clinic, check the physical condition of your dog to identify her fatal diseases, which can be very dangerous to humans.