You will need
  • card of "Sberbank";
  • - identification code;
  • - passport;
  • - request for reinstatement of lost credit cards.
Dial toll free number 8-800-555-555-0 that you can contact the operator "Sberbank of Russia". Report that your card has been lost and you would like to block access to it. Be prepared for the fact that you will be asked to verify your identity over the phone. To facilitate this procedure, you can register in the Bank code voice calling which is easy for you through the operator to manage their credit card.
Visit the nearest branch of "Sberbank"to resolve the issue with the map. Bring ID and passport. You should contact your Bank and explain that you want to block the card. Fill out the application for recovery of lost credit and gaining access to the funds in your account. The lock procedure will be performed in the shortest possible time and will inform you when you can get a new card.
Use service Mobile Bank to block the card. Preferably this service to connect immediately after receiving the credit card. It allows you to manage your funds and access them through a phone or computer. To activate Mobile banking through ATM self-service or by calling customer support customer. To lock, just go to "my account" and choose the appropriate option.
Lock card "Sberbank" by sending TEXT messages. Remember that this method is available only to those with the connected service "Mobile Bank". Type the text message "BLOKIROVKA y xxxxx" where "xxxxx" mean the last five digits of your lost card, and "u" code which explains the reason for blocking. If you lost it, then put "0" if left in the ATM, "2", and if it is you stole, then "1". Send a TEXT message to the number 900. You will receive a confirmation code that must be send back within 5 minutes.