You will need
  • - hammer;
  • - chisel;
  • steel rod, stiff, with a diameter of 1-4 mm.
For a start, try opening the hood safer methods than using a chisel and hammer. For example, ask someone to apply pressure to the hood from the top, far closer to the headlights, above the locks, and themselves at this time pull the cable. To open the hood the first time is not all, however, armed with patience and with effort every driver, even a beginner will be able to achieve the desired result.
If you still have not managed to open the bonnet in a gentle way, then it's time to use the chisel. Insert it into the left hole of the grille (second from left) and abut in the plastic cover of the cable. Next, gently tap on the chisel with a hammer so that the protection was cracked, parallel to the ground. Performing this operation, be very careful, precisely considering the forces. Otherwise, you can severely damage the protective detail.
In the upper hole located near the center, type a steel rod and insert it into the right side of the crack. Make sure the rod is firmly stuck in the plastic protection of the cable. Then, make the effort, pull the rod to the right, using him as leverage. After this operation the hood on your car should open.
If nothing helps, then podnesite under the car and remove the protection. Then throw off the terminal of the generator and bring back the "plus" with svezhenanesennogo battery. After this procedure, the hood will open.