The proposed scheme off the speedometerand standard for several models of vehicles, including for cars of the brand Ford. So, in order to turn off the speedo and stop counting mileage mileage Ford e, regardless of its model, you will need to perform several simple steps.
Prepare the machine for shutdown process – put it in the garage and set the Parking (hand) brake. Then lift the hood and remove the cable from the negative battery terminal, due to the reckless actions not to cause a short circuit in the onboard power supply and not burn expensive electronic innards of your car.
Decide on the installation location of the speed sensors in your Ford, or rather, system antilock car wheels (ABS). It consists of an electronic control unit, which via the direct drive is connected to the speedometer and the ABS sensors in the wheel hubs.
Since the ABS sensors give information about the speed and mileage of the car, unplug them, or rather remove the fuse F6 in the connector 10A. To do this, disconnect the 2 clips and the air duct cover plastic containers. Under the hood, locate the small fuse on the corresponding connector.
Once on your dashboard in the speedometer lights up the indication "ABS Fault", and instead of numeric values you will see on the screen a number of "dash", the speedometer will be disabled.
Since antilock ABS affects the braking function of the car, be prepared to create some problems. Because the braking system of Ford depends on full operation of the ABS, and disabling it increases the probability of skidding during heavy braking. In addition, the disconnection of the speedometer through the fuses speed sensor that will not allow you to develop the speed of the car at full capacity.