You will need
  • - screwdriver;
  • key.
If you are experiencing difficulties when opening the trunk of a BMW, for example, due to loss of keys, incorrect adjustment of the lock mechanism and so on, use a screwdriver and a length of thick stick. Tape the screwdriver so that she could get to the trunk lock from the inside.
Also if possible, you can get inside the trunk with a screwdriver or a similar improvised device itself, pushing back the rear seat of the vehicle forward. Pry off closing mechanism, and then the trunk should open. It is also convenient in cases when the lock is faulty due to weather conditions. Do not use this method if you have problems opening the trunk associated with the security system installed in your car.
If you experience problems opening the tailgate due to a discharged battery, use the power supply from another, while respecting the polarity not to ruin the device. After that, open the main lock of the car, insert the key into the trunk lock and turn it.
If the problem is idle for a long vehicle in severe cold conditions, warm up or take it to the sink. Then use the special tools to lock the car to maintain its working condition for the winter season.
If the problems when you open the trunk of the car BMW are repeated periodically, turn on and turn off the alarm, and then try again to open it with a key. Ask for help to specialists of the service center, if the problems with opening the trunk of a car cause difficulties due to mechanical failure of the structure. Do not engage in lock repair the car yourself, even if you have a similar experience.