Connecting "call barring", subscribers of "MegaFon" will be able not only to block incoming calls from unwanted numbers, but also outgoing calls (on-net, international and many others). By the way, in addition to calls have the ability to block reception of SMS messages. So, to activate the service dial on your mobile number USSD-command *code for connected services*password#. To find the necessary code you can visit the official website of the company (full list of services within the relevant section). The password is also not very complex, since all subscribers of the operator has established a single code 111. However, it can at any time change the settings of your phone.
In addition, the subscribers do not forget about another service that allows you to avoid unwanted calls - it's called "Black list". In order to activate it, just send it to the operator USSD-command *130# or call the information service on 0500.
Network clients "Beeline" have the opportunity in the service to block incoming, outgoing calls, roaming calls and international calls. The details available on the official website of the operator or on the phone 495-789-33-33. The "call barring", you can install by sending a USSD-request *35*password #. The default password is 0000. If you want to change it to more reliable, use the special command **03**old password*set password#.
To activate the service "call barring" subscribers of MTS can use the control system "Internet Assistant" (you can find it on the company website). In addition, there is a "Mobile Assistant" is available on number 111. This same number can be sent SMS-message with the code 21190 2119 either. The operator provides the possibility of submission of the application for service connection by Fax (495) 766-00-58.