Scabies is characterized by severe itching. It is unbearable and you will constantly brush the affected areas. When you experience unbearable itching, carefully inspect the surface of the skin. Pay special attention to the skin folds between the toes, belly, buttocks, back, and inner thighs. Men - scrotum and penis. It is often these places are being enhanced attack mites. Look for small reddish rash. Often she has the form of small nodules pink in color. Because of the scratching, the vesicles crust over. Quite often, the bites are paired in nature. That is located on the surface of the skin next to each other two bites.
Please note what time the itching is most pronounced. How to recognize scabies? Itch mites are most active at night. Day its activity is reduced, and the itching becomes much weaker. By mid-day it can be dropped altogether. But don't expect that it was all over. By evening, the itching will appear again.
Look for the so-called "itch moves". If the infection occurred a long time ago, you will notice them. They are dry cracks in the skin surface. Carefully inspect cracks as they are detected. Often scabies is confused with allergies. If you have been a Allergy, you will soon be able to distinguish it from infectious disease.
In order to distinguish the itch from allergies, take the usual drug. After some time to carefully consider his rash. If it's an Allergy, after taking the drug a rash turns pale, and perhaps disappear altogether. If the rash remains the same – be sure you have scabies.
Make sure your family and friends. If you contracted scabies, the itching will soon feel they are. Carefully inspect the skin of his family. Upon detection of a similar rash do not hesitate to contact the clinic by place of residence. A dermatologist will help you to get rid of the disease and prevent infection of a large number of people from your environment.