The first hair of a baby and more like a fuzz. So they are soft and thin, over time they change to a more dense. The process of loss is almost imperceptible, the hair thinning from rubbing on the pillow, under a cap while swimming.

Causes of hair loss in toddler

Hair from infants gives way in the first three months, vellus hair often fall from the beams, so it seems that the strands do not exist only in some areas. Silky hair the baby will fall, even if the baby was born with hair. And thick hair eventually thinned. Most often the process starts from the back, also the curls are lost when combing.
The hair shaft in a child the average is formed only five years, so at an early age it is impossible to predict how dense will the baby's hair.

Often the hair fall in infants due to heavy sweating. Usually thinning hair in kids is safe, if the mother of the baby is watching other alarming symptoms, you should consult a doctor. Only in rare cases, hair loss can be one of the signs of rickets. But such disease is accompanied by other factors – high temperature, crying, refusal of the breast and sleep, the presence of "marble skin", etc. When these symptoms should consult a pediatrician.

Hair loss in child physiology

Rapid thinning of hair in infants is influenced by the decrease in hormone levels. The fact that before birth in the body of a baby contains a lot of hormones that comes to him from his mother. After the birth of this influx is reduced, which occurs the reaction of the newborn. Its consequence is the loss of hair.

Another cause of hair loss may be choosing the wrong cosmetics. Wash the head of the baby only children's shampoos, no strong odor, preservatives and dyes. Wash the head with soap or shampoo should be no more than two or three times a week, other days you can wash the hair with clean water. After bathing do not RUB the child's head, sufficient to wet hair with a towel.
Hair loss can cause wearing too warm and close caps. They lead to circulatory problems and hair loss.

Frequent bathing with a baby shampoo can cause scabs on the head, they are called "milk." To remove them, you need to comb the hair with a soft brush, you can apply an hour before bathing baby oil and put on the child's head soft cap. Then, before bathing it is necessary to comb out the crust, remove the oil with cotton pad and rinse the baby's head.