Advice 1: How to stimulate hair growth

The lifespan of a single hair on her head may reach 7 years, during this period of active growth alternating with rest. But sometimes, due to the adverse factors, the rest is delayed for a long time. Meanwhile, there are natural stimulants to "Wake up" hair follicles and improve hair growth.
How to stimulate hair growth
You will need
  • - the vitamins;
  • - essential oil of rosemary, cedar, mustard;
  • dried rosemary, black tea;
  • - honey, egg yolk, carrot juice masks;
  • - sea salt, pepper tincture.
Wanting to speed up hair growth, do not forget that this process is influenced by many factors: nutrition, internal health and proper care. Therefore, in addition to the use of stimulating natural remedies for hair growth, pay enough attention to your diet, emotional state and overall strengthening of the body.
Include in the daily menu more raw vegetables, fruits, herbs, dairy products, nuts, honey. Drink at least 8 glasses of water a day and in addition to her broth hips, juice, fruit drinks, fruit drinks and green tea.
To nourish hair from the inside out for 1-2 months, take vitamin-mineral complex. And vitamins C, A and E propene addition. Twice so the dosage will have not a preventive but a therapeutic effect on the body and hair.
Since the slowing of hair growth may be linked to the depletion of the nervous system, strengthen its hardening, moderate sun and air baths, exercise, proper sleep and rest.
To stimulate the growth of hair do head massage. It improves blood circulation, due to which the hair bulb gets the nutrients. Massage the skin with a comb or fingertips. This procedure is repeated every night for 5 minutes.
Before washing the head do massage using stimulating hair growth. These include vitamins A, E (oil solution in capsules), essential oil of mustard, rosemary and cedar, pepper extract, sea salt. For ease of application and better absorption combine them with vegetable oils.
Add 1-2 drops of essential oil or vitamin solution 2 tbsp vegetable oil, preferably corn, olive or burdock and RUB it with your fingers in the roots. If your hair is dry, apply oil on entire length. Cover with plastic wrap and a bath towel. After 30-40 minutes rinse hair with shampoo and rinse with boiled water, acidified with lemon or infusion of burdock root, nettle, or chamomile.
For Shine and elasticity of hair, make different masks: egg-carrot, egg and honey, yogurt (for oily hair). They help to fill the shortage of missing in vitamins and minerals. Any of them apply to the roots only and after the massage, because it contributes to the expansion of blood vessels, accordingly the absorption of nutrients will be much more effective.
To stimulate hair growth do daily rubbed into the scalp infusion of rosemary and black tea. Brew: 1 tsp dried herbs 250 ml of boiling water for 10 minutes, insist. The resulting solution every evening after the massage to saturate the roots.
Useful advice
To all treatments, promotes hair growth, have yielded positive results, follow them regularly for the past 2 months.

Advice 2: How to stimulate hair growth on the face

Not all men can boast of a well-groomed beard is a sign of brutal men. The speed of hair regrowth as well as all the processes of life, lies at the genetic level. However, nature can help solve the problem of the growth of the beard and mustache.
How to stimulate hair growth on the face
You will need
  • - razor;
  • "Minoxidil" ("Rogaine *" or "Rogaine");
  • - castor oil;
  • - burdock oil;
  • - vitamin complexes;
  • - zinc containing foods
In the slow growth of facial hair shave stubble, as in some cases after shave aktiviziruyutsya hair growth. However, keep in mind that frequent shaving does not guarantee that the activity of hair growth. So if you already have good results in the form of the regrown hair, but ideal lacks only a few millimeters, do not rush to shave it in the hope that it will grow faster, become better, and reach your required size is temporarily set aside the razor.
Eliminate from your diet coffee, tea and energy drinks containing caffeine, because caffeine leads to the development of body estrogen, which contributes to suppression of testosterone.
Take vitamins and minerals. To stimulate hair growth one of the most important elements is zinc. Include in your daily diet foods that contain zinc: egg, podsolnechnika seeds, pumpkin seeds, beans and nuts. For the normalization of metabolic processes in the body eat cereals, fruits and vegetables.
Use special lotions that are sold in pharmacies: monoxidil, rogain or Rogaine*. The lotion contains no colorants, hormones, they are odorless.
Apply to the bristles mixed in equal parts burdock and castor oil. Leave on for two hours on the face, then rinse it with warm water with soap, mild shampoo or gel cleanser.
The rapidity with which grow hair on the face, caused not only by genes, the level of calcium in the human body, but also depends on the level of hormones in the blood. If you have a hormonal failure, then all the efforts aimed at accelerating growth of stubble, will be in vain.

With frequent shaving bristle remember that an enhanced shaving makes hair the coarsest.

Lotions to stimulate hair growth on the face ("Monoxidil", "Rogain", "Rogaine*") contain in its composition the alcohol, so they are not suitable for sensitive skin.
Useful advice
Exercise, as exercise helps to increase testosterone levels in the body.
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