Reasons for bad hair growth in children

Hair follicles begin to form in a child during fetal development, about the sixth month of pregnancy. Newborns hair is very fragile, so often to 8 weeks they fall out.

In some children hair growth is slowed down. Reasons for this may be several. Child nutrition plays an important role, because with food in the body gets all the minerals and vitamins necessary for the normal development of the organism, and, respectively, and for hair growth.

The baby is breastfed, so his main diet is breastmilk. And the composition of breast milk depends on what the mother eats. The nutritious is the food of the mother, the better will be the milk. Thus, it can contribute to the most rapid hair growth of the baby.

To the structure of the hair are normally formed in the first place, we need vitamins a, B,C and PP. Hence, a nursing mother should eat liver, carrots, buckwheat, green apples, butter.

If a child receives artificial feeding should pay attention to the mixture, which feeds the baby. It also should include all these vitamins. Since the introduction of complementary foods in the diet of the child must necessarily be dairy products, cheese, meat and fish dishes.

The causes of poor hair growth can be attributed to neural factors. Experts noticed that restless children, characterized by poor sleep, hair is growing much worse than the cool kids. In order to resolve this cause, you need to visit a pediatric neurologist, who will advise on how to calm the baby. After resolving this problem, the problem of bad hair growth might go away by itself.

The lack of hair on the head of older children may be the consequence of a lack of vitamin D or hormonal failure. In such cases, you must undergo a consultation with a specialist who will prescribe your child with vitamins or other treatment. Sun exposure will also help to address the shortage of vitamin D.

The last cause of poor hair growth in the child, from which you cannot get rid of is heredity.

How to speed up hair growth

If you want to speed up hair growth for your baby, try while bathing do not use shampoos and other means that are not intended for children under one year. Rinsing heads suitable decoctions of chamomile or succession.

Carefully watch the child's diet. Remember that exposure to fresh air also contributes to the development of the baby and growth of hair on the head.