Comfortable vacation around Moscow

Summer is the most popular type of holiday is a beach vacation. A good beach needs to meet the following requirements:
- coastal land and water must comply with sanitary-epidemiological rules;
beaches must be present boxes, changing rooms, toilets;
- must have a dedicated area for children with a fence.

Official beaches in the suburbs that meet these requirements, a total of 13. Among them: the Black Lake, the Left Bank, White Lake, Academic, ponds, Central city pond and others.

Which beach to choose

On the shore of lake Kovershi is located the sandy beach of Sapphires. Outdoor enthusiasts will fully enjoy the magnificent scenery, walks on a boat or catamaran. Beach volleyball with friends at the free rest areas – this is something to remember the summer.

A long time dream to leave the city and breathe fresh air? Sandy beach Bay of Joy, which is easy to get from the North river station, always happy to take a rest. A real family vacation is waiting for you at the weekend. Cozy cafes, grills, rental of sports equipment – all at an affordable price plus great service. All recreation areas under Moscow equipped health centres and rescue stations.

A feature of the Academic ponds is that there are cinemas, a stadium. There are many attractions and restaurants. Around the perimeter of the deck chairs and gazebos. The highlight of the Academic ponds is the atmosphere of relaxedness and ease. By beautiful music vacationers drink cocktails and forget everyday problems.

Unique in its kind is the beach Silver Bor. This is one of the cleanest places in the suburbs. No noise, just silence, peace and wonderful fresh air.

Borisovskie Prudy is an entertainment complex located on a vast territory. Offers a clean sandy beach, lovely walks and delicious food.

Just a kilometer away from the capital is the Picturesque Bay – awesome place. Everything here is top notch: car parks, playgrounds, and a water ski base.

Holidays for all tastes and possibilities not far from Moscow is an ideal option to positive energy next weekend.